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The history of wallpaper
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One, the history of wallpaper

BC 4000 around, know the earliest for people place " paper " appeared, it is paper of Egypt paper nutgrass flatsedge.

In fact, china of wallpaper traceable ancient time, because paper is a Chinese,be of the invention above all, because 200 years in BC the Chinese sticks rice paper to the wall,be next.

The Christian era 105 years, cai Lun of official of Chinese imperial court invented papermaking method for raw material with the textile flotsam of clout and so on, this is today of the paper with our hep place be born.

The Christian era of 8 centuries some time, the Chinese prisoner that has technologies of a few name control papermaking is in charge for the making of sth. of Arab at hand, papermaking technology spread everywhere to middle east area gradually so.

To the Christian era 10 centuries when, the Arab replaces wood and bamboo with flax fiber, make the paper with a better quality. However, the quality of paper reached higher level now.

The Christian era during 12 centuries, papermaking art travels to come in whole Europe.

The earliest European woodcarving edition pressworks drawing is ** souvenir, be called now namely " Helgen " . Well-known, the oldest emperor female picture but restrospect to 1418, its holding Yu Bulu fills in nowadays in the royal library of Er. China is early in the Christian era 5 centuries use this kind to presswork method.

1481, jean Bourdichon is French king Louie 11 worlds scale 50 pictures, the picture is the angel on blue setting, easy king of after this road is custom-built this kind of portable wallpaper, because he discovers,carry often between the castle very be necessary. The wealthy person of other Europe in succession follow the lead of, entrust a painter to be wallpaper of its wall scale, however the wall paper on real significance appears till printing machine however rear can say to appear.

The wallpaper relic that Europe knows the earliest for person place is to be in what British Cambridge discovers on the beam of courtyard of Lodge radical educational inspector, still exist up to now, its history but restrospect to 1509. That is a woodcarving pomegranate design that gets Italian style to inspire, it prints a piece of declared the reverse side that in henry 8 worlds issue. The invention of wallpaper should be attributed to the typographer that York is called Hugo Goes.

1599, guild of the first paperhanger is born in France.

French engraver Jean-Michel Papillon is considered as the contriver of wallpaper, the successive woodcarving edition pattern that he matchs at beginning to design 1675, and in its the invention on the foundation comes out the wallpaper with our hep today place.

Existent, the oldest flocking wallpaper comes from Worcester (Worcester) , appear before 1680 about.

The production methods that the Englishman invents has great sense, the product be the rage of mill of 18 centuries London. At first, advocate the Londoner of tide is custom-built the paper of costly manual scale, architectural detail is handled or they counterfeit is the raw material such as marble and mortar, but wallpaper obtains be in sb's good graces finally to love by right of its advantage. Normally, wallpaper should be enchased be similar to tassel lacy or by the side of the adornment of swag, and the flocking wallpaper that has the effect that cut fine hair it seems that is exceeding be current.
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