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The type of wallpaper
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Told about below civil the physical feature that uses wallpaper with business, because of the change of these features, concerned branch must is opposite in real time the ticket that produces business undertakes checking, check its to come off gender, clean method, wear and other physics character.

The material back line of metope material

Normally the circumstance falls, people centers the key of attention in the surface of metope material, however material of its back line is having very main effect to the function of metope material and installation. The material back line of metope material has a few kinds as follows:

Paper carries line on the back: Its paper with coating of the vinyl that carries line on the back at paper, vinyl and special kind of product is medium.

Machine fabric carries line on the back: Common machine fabric carries line material on the back to include: Cotton cloth of the tabby linen-cotton fabric, low wicker that raise gauze or damask. Tabby linen-cotton fabric is used in light-duty structure; Cotton cloth of the low wicker that raise gauze is used at medium-sized to heavy-duty circumstance; And damask is used in the heaviest metope stuff.

Adhesive-bonded fabric carries line on the back: The ground floor of material of adhesive-bonded fabric metope is be produced on paper machine and become, use the spin fiber that grows long cellulose pulp and adhesive agglutinate to mix treatment. The reticulate structure of adhesive-bonded fabric gets buildup below the action of acrylic ester, join pigment to produce opaque result at the same time. Special type additive is added in producing a course in order to increase the intensity of reticulate structure and absorbency can. The dimension after the rock-bottom be affected with damp be affected with damp of material of adhesive-bonded fabric metope keeps changeless, metope is OK and consequently pensile thing.

Acrylic balata carries line on the back: It is used at fabric metope material, have stability and good pensile performance.

The type of civil wallpaper

Now, wallpaper product not only full of beautiful things in eyes of design and color, and the breed of protection cladding is very much also. Wallpaper basically has the following kinds:

Ethylene coating wallpaper: This kind of wallpaper has papery ground floor, the adornment sex surface on its sprays an acrylic acid. The proper formal name of this kind of wallpaper should be acrylic coating wallpaper, but already shed get round as a result of incorrect name, be forced to use its continuance. Cent of ethylene coating wallpaper is swabbed to be able to bear or endure model and can come off model two kinds, they apply to most circumstance. Prevent as a result of theirs smeary with damp function commonner wallpaper is strong, because this makes the first selection of bathroom and kitchen.

Fabric coating wallpaper: This kind of wallpaper has fabric ground floor, spray on its liquid ethylene or acrylic coating, and ornamental surface layer imprints on coating directly. Normally, fabric coating wallpaper is considered as the wallpaper with better permeability, it is accordingly optimum use in the room with the small humidity such as the bedroom.
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