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Wooden fiber wallpaper is a what appearance
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Wooden fiber wallpaper is the natural fiber that through intercept north Europe high grade tree plants, be machined directly via special technology and become, quite outstanding tension is extended, combat slit strength, be common wallpaper 8 to 10 times, its ply also is common wallpaper 2 to 3 times. Its service life is longer than common wallpaper, the family uses the time that can assure the left and right sides 15 years commonly; Although use,wait in hotel, office building public, also can assure to use 8 to 10 years.

On the safe side: Environmental protection is flame retardant

Wood does not contain any pvc, PVC and heavy metal part in the structure of fiber wallpaper, when burning completely, also produce carbon dioxide and water only, without any volatile harmful and ionic separate out, won't cause to human body any chemical enroach on. The fuel of wallpaper also is it is solvent with water, is not the chemical preparation that other wallpaper place often uses. On the other hand, this wallpaper has accepted the rigiddest fire prevention security to examine in producing a course, be judged to be plasterboard kind I class, apply to the adornment of metope of urgent exit corridor.

Good performance: Breathe freely, be able to bear or endure water, be able to bear or endure swab

Wooden fiber wallpaper is machined by natural plant fiber and become, because it has good permeability can, can release the wet damp of metope itself, unapt because moisture enrages keep long in stock to bring about wallpaper happening too much,mildew changes, still can adopt the foul air inside house wallpaper to be released at the same time, make habitant is avoided suffer the pain that choke with resentment.

Wooden fiber wallpaper has the outside layer that an usable brush is cleaned and prevents liquid and oil, because this is had more outstanding be able to bear or endure swab ability. You can put a person's mind to undertake swabbing with wet dishcloth not only, to special section, can be brushed with short-haired pelt even or the metal is brushed undertake cleanness, need not fear wallpaper abrade is blown broken.

Respecting is able to bear or endure ability in swimming, even if of wooden fiber wallpaper is the southern region in climate moisture, it is to be in even the plum rains with bigger humidity is seasonal, can be at ease use.

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