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Is Chinese wallpaper downfallen? Still revive?
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News background is in China, wallpaper is in on century at the beginning of 80 time end, 90 time faddish temporarily, large area enters home of common common people. Very fast, begin after whole industry is transitory downfallen. In last few years, wallpaper industry appears again revive impetus.

Show according to relevant data: The consumer of 47% is willing to use wallpaper when decorating metope, show its market potential is very great, but at present wallpaper market popularity rate still is less than 1% , and wallpaper birthplace is Euramerican and Korea and other places is achieved already 70% to the popularity rate of 90% .

1, the reason that how are a series of phenomena and this development process backside having depth?

2, where is the pressure that wallpaper manufacturer faces? What kind of bewilderment do they have?

3, is wallpaper industry mixed in China Euramerican where is the difference that waits for a developed country?

4, is the road of the rise of Chinese wallpaper industry in again He Fang?

Focus the preexistence of 1 China wallpaper

Why was depression moved toward after prosperity

Wonderful viewpoint: Craft is simple, deviated from the intrinsic value of wallpaper individuation and artistic quality; Together with is malign competitive aggravate, harmed consumer interest, the market is downfallen it is inevitable.

Wallpaper enters China is begin from reforming and opening, the wallpaper at the beginning of 90 time develops the century on particularly fast, profit is rich and generous, the industry is rapid extensive development. When the respect such as the technology is not hardware equipment, professional, began blind price competition, each factories are jerry, the enterprise does not have internal competition ability, malign competition aggravate, drop what bring about product quality quickly, harmed consumer interest. The market is so downfallen it is inevitable.

In the meantime, inchoate wallpaper basically is a Korea is older old equipment brings China to come, craft is simpler also, the wallpaper that so production comes out does not have the design of more originality, low administrative levels also is on craft, deviated from the value with the basiccest wallpaper. Additional, the latercomers surpass the formers of product of together with coating, the competitive advantage of wallpaper cannot maintain.

Focus this life of 2 China wallpaper

Downfallen later why to begin to revive again?

Wonderful viewpoint: The condition of climate, favourable geographical position, support of the people, colleague of together with industry comes to it to do when accomplish sth course of study, chinese wallpaper development has latent capacity very much.

More and more people know wallpaper now, this develops with economy, of people living standard rise having close connection. What the people consumes is ideological had promoted very high rate, everybody begins to have reason to change, go after individual character and nature, the product goes medium high-end course is feasible. And the pursuit that just wallpaper can realize people life quality, include pair of aesthetic pursuit. This is climate.
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