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Wallpaper is decorated 100 change space
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Wallpaper is contemporary in decorating the most commonly used a kind of metope that arrive decorates material. Its colour diversity, design and color is rich, it is people place increasingly to love. In the home most the toilet that the place that often uses wallpaper is room of bedroom, sitting room, children and dry wet partition. Sort of the wallpaper on the market is various now, which kinds of wallpaper should choose to serve as the adornment of oneself after all? This is the problem that puzzles a lot of people. Irrespective, let a reporter tell you!

Bedroom: Ego space shows individual character

The bedroom is most the individual's space, bearing the weight of master be fond of. Though in principle likes most with host design and color is accurate, but it is OK to will tell commonly cent is two kinds of circumstances. Big sizes, make the air of like nature itself; Small broken flower, build the Wen Wan of acme romance.

Normally, the bedroom decorates deflection the be fond of at goodwife, if goodwife is a spell able profession female, the adornment that occupy the home is about to reflect a kind of bold and unconstrained and atmosphere. Might as well the wall on choice bed is appropriative setting wall, the shop sticks the wall paper of the flowers design that with the others 3 walls differ completely, the color that notices beautiful heart and color of other wall body are consistent, whole feels atmosphere is romantic, and the feeling that is full of art.

Sitting room: Comfortable indifferent to fame or benefit of appropriate simple but elegant

The sitting room is the place that welcomes a visitor, do not decorate commonly too individualize. If be full wall,stick act the role of the wallpaper that can choose light floret, such meetings appear bedroom space a few bigger. Of Europe type style it is OK to decorate the wallpaper that collocation sets upright a design and color; Of contemporary feeling should move with cool color, consequently warm tonal use time grew to be able to let a person feel be agitated. The colour collocation of setting wall wants to suit with furniture photograph, but should notice place does not exceed 3 kinds with color, can appear very random otherwise.

Children room: Environmental protection is consummate

Children room is the place that suits wallpaper most, and its wallpaper also is the most beautiful. The first requirement of children room wallpaper is environmental protection, just be a style next. At the same time children room, choose different wallpaper because of master age difference. A lot of knowledge of 10 years old of the following children must come from intuitionistic understanding, so the room of this part child can stick the wallpaper of design of a few cartoon, this conduces to the perception of exciting child. And 10 years old of children that arrive 18 years old, most those who be fed up with is dot be regardinged as, decorate so cannot too babyish. Base color, the boy uses cool color to move, the girl uses warm color to move, and a few modern design are decorated in lumbar line. The girl can put the modern girl pattern of edition of a few Q, the boy suits athletic element.
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