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Wallpaper builds Tong Qu space
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To foster the child's autonomy, arouse their potential, present parental apt in advance makes the child independent, have oneself space. A comfortable, children room that spends a body to have something made to order, besides necessary furniture, still need the configuration of a lot of detail.

  3 years old of keywords feel 0 ~ colour

Create a health, world that is full of Tong Qu for the child with wallpaper, will give the child the grows to bring imperceptibly influence effect of each pace.

0 ~ 3 years old this age paragraph the key that is darling vision development period, the can complex to appearance, colourful, figure that has visual depth is interested in darling more and more.

Choose example: Green fundamental key is bright-coloured, also won't produce visual exhaustion for a long time to inspecting. Diamonds, heart, circular design crisscross is arranged, can exercise appearance consciousness of the child. Small bee modelling also can arouse the child's imagination.

   6 years old of keywords accord with 3 ~ height characteristic

3 ~ are child cerebra 6 years old the period of flying development, to satisfy them seek knowledge desire, choose natural landscape or animal formative wallpaper, can develop the study ability of darling. In metope in decorating, want as far as possible the perspective of be identical child, the lumbar line of children room wall should reduce 40cm to 50cm.

Choose example: The child makes the same score the lumbar line design that looks way to abound, little Bear, bunny is painted lifelike, conduce to the story imagination that rears the child. Design of lumbar line upper part is relatively concise, but whole has echo.

  12 years old of crucial syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech fasten 6 ~ divisional privacy consciousness

6 ~ are bud of consciousness of child self-awareness, privacy 12 years old, also be the important period with divisional sexual distinction. Lubricious series gives priority to the wallpaper Ying Yiqing of boy room, the wallpaper of girl room selects downy gules series. The wallpaper of maize series sexual distinction of colour criterion not stick to.

Choose example: The wallpaper between blue, Huang Xiang is neuterer, the boy, girl all can be adopted, suit a shop to be put in the study, have the effect that makes them composed and absorption.

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