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See these pictures, you think this is solid certainly dozen of solid culture wall, look of that stone skin texture and uneven stereo feeling. But, they are not culture stone at all, is wallpaper only!

This is the wallpaper that comes from Japan, make by natural material, PVC material and special colophony, breed has 1800 about many. This is newfangled emulation stone wallpaper, take a picture and emulate tool set technology clearly through height, acquire the natural vision of culture brick stone and qualitative move. If you like culture wall adornment, can be afraid of the word that decorates troublesome, clean inconvenience again, so using paper of this kind of emulation cliff is again appropriate did not pass. Distinct visual effect often makes people wants to approach to be felt, just tell end.

Wallpaper has annals of mark of fire prevention check, safety to decorate material symbol, quality to make sure mark and environmental protection indicate, have mould to control a function, avoid to produce mildew because of rainy moisture to change. Wallpaper surface still has a diaphragm, those who make have anti-fouling function, neuter lotion adds water to be able to be wiped with dishcloth in the general besmirch in daily life.

In damp environment, ratio oneself can absorb moisture on certain level, next again slow in dry environment release, make do not send condense on wall drip.

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