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Actually, what is wallpaper strange thing, there has been the product that is similar to wallpaper early to appear in 14 centuries Europe. 15 centuries Europe makes a costly skin make wall antependium, the paper wallpaper that the England at the beginning of 18 centuries makes appears on market. Ever since, wallpaper begins popularity in Europe. Latter-day the development as the technology, qualitative, function had the breed of design and color of wallpaper, capable person huge rises, new-style wallpaper not only variety of designs is various, cleanness rises simpler also. As qualitative as PVC material wallpaper can use wet cloth to be wiped directly. And moth-eaten paper base wallpaper exposes surface layer, beardless reconditioning, affix new wallpaper to look brand-new directly.
Wallpaper also has affinity in the agitation of Euramerican popularity and home outfit DIY. As people living standard rise, of individuation reveal more and more rich and colorful. Consumer likes him to start work, choose various design and color, undertake cutting out according to be fond of and imagination. And wallpaper pattern is numerous, have the characteristic that just changes again, accord with the DIY demand of people fitly. Accordingly, wallpaper is in Euramerican had made product of domestic illuminative mainstream, dote on for place of all circles personage.
ABC of wallpaper choose and buy
When wallpaper of choose and buy, consumer should notice commonly the following at 3 o'clock: Brand, character, grade.
Above all, the well-known trademark of a few maturity should choose when the choose and buy. Old brand can assure the environmental protection character of wallpaper not only, still can offer appropriative for the client complementary makings and professional construction are directive, make the life of wallpaper and effect of actual shop outfit achieve optimization, make of client interest utmost get assuring.
Next, contemporary family decorates the environmental protection character that pays attention to adornment material more and more. High quality wallpaper product chooses paper of excellent pure wood pulp or velvet fiber to expect as bottom base material normally, to human body not only without any bad influences, and permeability and sound-absorbing the effect relatively painting is better. Can use when wallpaper of choose and buy " eye view, hand is felt, hear nasally " means is preliminary the character that differentiates wallpaper. Color of high grade wallpaper is sterling, base material is clean, feel is comfortable and without any excitant odour.

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