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Moistureproof and mouldproof family expenses wallpaper
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Although the plastic film of surface of wallpaper of average household adornment has certain and waterproof effect, but as a result of velar layer medium plasticizer conduces to mould growing, so once the condition is appropriate, mould can breed quickly; Regard wallpaper as the base paper of base material, mildew and rot falls easily also in requirement of high temperature moisture, make the favorable environment with progenitive mould. After wallpaper happening mildew changes, the surface can appear piece a mildew spot, serious effect exterior loses use value thereby. Beijing builds the brainpower of plastic products plant, experiment through relapsing, development gave golden lion shop sign new-style and moistureproof mouldproof family expenses wallpaper, they were joined in the recipe of wallpaper efficient and mouldproof material, the growth that it destroys mould effectively environment, make mould cannot breed.

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