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Wallpaper popularity trend looks first
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Popular trend releases newest 2007 wallpaper to be compared with photograph of in former years, condescending idea raised in costly fashion, conveying city parvenu more health and concept of mature high quality life---Composed, delicate and comfortable.

Low-key showily

Costly concept is resplendent and magnificent make public no longer, however inside the grace of collect and low-key showily. The tonal lay particular stress on of new fund wallpaper is composed, hit with be not transparent color department to give priority to, gray, wine is red as red as orange tonal the sense that added grace, this is a kind of gentle manner. It proper joint the life concept of high-ranking layer personage in the move, rational consumption and think, quiet, gentle, delicate with grace, raise one's hand casts sufficient mature glamour to often need people fine fine savour, old all previous practice subtracts make public is mixed blundering, return uncut jade to return sedate really with atmosphere, as the beautiful wine of hoard, at low-key in send out a light a faint fragrance.

Individual character and comfortable

Be not those who say gentle life manner represented individual character to die out, in fact in high-ranking layer is more intense to personalized demand. Just they blend in this kind of pursuit what live to character to build in, the lifestyle of high grade is the incorporate that their individual character lives. High-end product will be delicate reflected acme with grace, its excelsior character also represented the connotation that character lives.

Wallpaper already can outfit of large area shop, can use with monochromatic wallpaper collocation again, decorate demand to open convenient door greatly for individuation; High quality Weilansi (velvet fiber) base material, have wonderful sound-absorbing the effect, and downy, comfortable sense is brought on vision, touch, suit to use the personification space such as Yu Wo room, living room.

Young with romance

From international the popularity of each big dress brand releases a trend to look, the Chun Xia season 2007 still gives priority to a problem with natural, health, free, empty spirit, romantic, costly with condescending it is a Ji Liu the culminating concept of travel.

Show to go up in wallpaper when body of this top-ranking travel theme, what we see is beautiful, pure and fresh colour and young, romantic feeling are shirt-sleeve, naturalistic rurality is dispersed each corners in the bedroom, the lubricious harmonic design of amorous feelings of rich different region is tie-in, bring Mediterranean wet breath, make you ' body manages busy shopping center, the home comes true like the desire of rural ' . And of warm, soft beauty tonal, more outstanding reflecting ' young the connotation with romantic ' , red of much wine of Er of color of pink, cream-colored, curry, wave, corn is lubricious, shallow perhaps blue and small green, move likeness with the color of sky, marine, flower, beach, for the bedroom innovation goes romantic naturalistic fundamental key.
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