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Durable wooden fiber wallpaper
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Of wooden fiber wallpaper be being made is the natural fiber that through intercept north Europe high grade tree plants, be machined directly via special technology and become, its performance is withy and strong, quite outstanding tension is extended, combat slit strength, can amount to common wallpaper 8 to 10 times, its ply also is common wallpaper 2 to 3 times, service life is longer than common wall paper, the family uses the time that can assure the left and right sides 15 years commonly. Especially to average household character, decorate pay attention to one pace to reach the designated position, durable function is very crucial.

Wooden fiber wallpaper is be machined by natural plant fiber and become, accordingly it has good permeability can. At the same time it has the outside layer that an usable brush is cleaned and prevents liquid and oil, because this is had more outstanding be able to bear or endure swab ability. The wallpaper of a lot of brands is in now swabbed functional respect to spend a lot of time, also had very big improvement, but also be confined to so far with twist dry wet dishcloth to undertake swabbing, and can swab a frequency finite also. Wooden fiber wallpaper differred, you can put a person's mind to undertake swabbing with wet dishcloth not only, to special section, can be brushed with short-haired pelt even or the metal is brushed undertake cleanness, need not fear wallpaper abrade is blown broken. All these also is based on the wear with wooden fiber good wallpaper.

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