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Paper and the sexual price that brush paint are compared
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1 paper is not more expensive than brushing paint: If of your choice is 50 ~ the wallpaper of 70 hank, cost of labor and materials calculates come down, cost and brushing the paint such as Duoleshi is about the same, but design and color is a lot of more beautiful.

2 wallpaper dimension: General wallpaper is 52 centimeters wide, 10 meters long. If be 2.5 meters tall building, enough stick 2 meters long one side wall. When be being bought so, you are OK according to this algorithm, estimate dosage roughly, buy a few more next rich, be ready for any eventuality.

3 important clew: Must buy wallpaper enough, no matter how old the manufacturer of the brand, the wallpaper that he sells even if same design and color, the color of every batches of products is not quite same. Once buy little, you are stuck probably appear personally the wall that has off color comes. And wallpaper is bought commonly much, what do not unseal is whole can be retreated, won't create waste.

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