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Wall paper, foreign habit says for wallpaper, english is Wallcoverings or Wallpaper, it is the interior decoration data with a kind of quite extensive application. Because wall paper has coloured colour diversity, pattern,rich, luxurious air, safe environmental protection, construction goes to the lavatory, the price is appropriate wait for a variety of other the characteristic that interior decoration material can not be likened to, reason gets comparativing in developed country and the area such as Euramerican, southeast Asia, Japan of degree gain ground. According to surveying knowledge, the popularity rate of interior decoration wall paper of the country such as England, France, Italy, United States achieved 90% above, the popularity rate that is in Japan was to come true more 100% . The expressional form of wall paper is very rich, to get used to different space, place, different interest is liked, different price administrative levels, wall paper in order to have the following much sort model in order to offer an alternative.

Wall of 1. paper quality (direct on the paper of special heat-resisting printing presses PAPER WALLCOVERINGS) the wallpaper of grain. Characteristic: Inferior smooth, environmental protection, natural, comfortable, kind.

Wallpaper of 2. glue face (the wallpaper that VINYL WALLCOVERINGS) surface pledges for PVC material
(Wallpaper of face of glue of 1) paper copy (PAPER BACK VINYL WALLCOVERINGS)
Use the most extensive product at present
Characteristic: Colour diversity, design rich, price cycle of appropriate, construction is short, be able to bear or endure dirty, be able to bear or endure swab.
(Wallpaper of face of glue of 2) cloth bottom (FABRIC BACK VINYL WALLCOVERINGS)
Cent does not have the bottom that spin cloth to be mixed by crossed cloth (NON WOVEN)
3. wall cloth (TEXTILE WALLCOVERINGS) or call spin wallpaper
The surface is spin material, OK also printing, press grain.
Characteristic: Vision comfortable, tactility is downy, sound-absorbing, breathe freely, endophilicity beautiful, elegance, high.
(Cloth of 1) yarn wall: The yarn that uses different type or line form design and colour;
(2) knits mercery wallpaper: Have smooth weaving face, jacquard weave cloth cover and without spin cloth cover;
(Cloth of 3) flocking wall: short staple embedded copy paper, produce the flannelette result with simple admirable sense.
4. metal kind wallpaper (METALLIC WALLCOVERINGS)
With the special wallpaper that aluminous silk makes, with aureate, argent fasten for main color.
Characteristic: Fire prevention, waterproof, luxuriant, high.
5. natural talent pledges kind of wallpaper (NATURAL MATERIAL WALLCOVERINGS)
Be like spin of material of careless, wood, cane, bamboo, leaf character with natural talent and into.
Characteristic: Kind nature, recreational, comfortable, environmental protection.
(1) plant spin kind;
(2) cork, bark kind wallpaper;
(3) stone material, fine arenaceous kind of wallpaper.
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