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Homebred wall paper is made- - make your dream is to come true
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Enter high-grade astral class hotel when you, may be convinced by its luxurious air place, hope oneself family also can same nobility is elegant, but because decorate the price exaltedly,flinch however. Nowadays, wall paper of face of the glue end the popular homebred paper on the market, price increases construction cost, total price is in more 10~20 yuan / square metre. The room of a 20 square metre, need to spend hundreds of yuan of money only can old appearance is changed new colour. Structure of this kind of price, fit the requirement of labour firewood estate particularly. Live in a space, guesthouse is enjoyed, beg the homebred wall paper that puts popularity of different, creation newly to make a trade ceaselessly, make your dream is to come true.

Through pressworking, the pattern that press a flower is different the design of design, much edition pressworks colorific overprint, all sorts of cooperate pressing that those who spend grain, make wall paper design well-rounded, have comfortable joint public place already sedate and easy plain coloured paper, also have suit the youth's lively and bold and unrestrained comparative and strong geometry figure; Do not have already give a door, see the beautiful paper of landscape traditional stringed and woodwind instrument namely, also have cater to children taste, take you to enter the cartoon paper of world of wonderful fairy tale. Should design only decent, wall paper can create follow one's inclinations household atmosphere for you.

Choose paint or coating to decorate, metope needs to relapse at least construction 3 come 5 times, every time removed a day, need the time of a week namely. Many organic dissolvent is contained in together with paint and coating, the effect may produce to human body health inside inspiratory body, before be being entered so, need to keep indoor and ventilated 10 days the time of above. Come so, from decorate finishing, need half month at least. And choose wallpaper to decorate, a 3 rooms the housing of one hall, apply wallpaper of work staff paste by professional wallpaper, need 3 people to be able to be finished only, a bit does not affect your normal life.

If the darling of your home likes to create, often announce newest work on the wall; If because summer flaps the mosquito does not take care flyblown metope, need not be the cleanness of wall paper and trouble, should dip in with sponge only clear water or cleaner are brushed try, can remove decontamination stain. Of glue face wall paper be able to bear or endure dirty, be able to bear or endure swabbed character makes sure your even if is brushed repeatedly those who try to also won't affect domestic metope is beautiful and easy.
Glue face wallpaper still can satisfy your fire prevention, mouldproof, antibacterial special demand.
Accelerate as what China joins WTO pace, euramerican the consumptive idea that the household vogue that waits for a developed country is sure to affect Chinese common people, material of interior decoration of other of contrast of together with wall paper has a lot of distinct advantages, accordingly it is in the growth of home that popularizes degree to be sure to be able to have progression of a geometry. Face dazzling adornment data market, trust wall paper, choice wall paper only, ability makes you live in fashionable and lead times
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