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Add up to paper character specification and construction method
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1, pure environmental protection does not have harmful material. 2, color is more sterling and bright-coloured. 3, move chroma is good, won't fade. 4, content with rare for expensive, increase the value of oneself.

Construction method:

Basic like common wallpaper construction.

Wallpaper level should maintain before construction, clean.

Do not wash the face with water, discover besmirch, can wipe with wet cloth only.

Wallpaper closing paper can be put in water to immerse anything but, avoid wallpaper to expand.

Do not make glue sticky be in wallpaper surface, answer to use wet cloth clean to wipe instantly.

In adding up to paper wallpaper to produce a course, have a normal margin and two to the featheredge with 3 wide millimeter, construction process should build featheredge on normal margin, do not cut into parts, may show small Bao Leng so but won't show seam, do not affect integral result.

What such construction can avoid is: The washing shrinkage of pure paper wallpaper is big, cut edge or subtense construction into parts to show seam.

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