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Improve diatomite wallpaper of the environment
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Diatomite is by the plant that grows in the sea, lake remains piles up, classics count is transitional 1000000 and form. Diatomite surface has countless stoma, but the adsorptive, peculiar smell in decomposing air, have shift function of wet, deodorization. The problem of a lot of environmental protection that contemporary residence poses already was paid close attention to extensively by people, so pure natural diatomite shows itself, its distinctive air is humid, protect wet, breathe freely, mildew resistance can create healthy and easy living environment.

The peculiar smell that place of rubbish of smelly, smoking, life produces the harmful material such as the free formaldehyde in air of because the oxidation catabolism of the physisorption action of diatomite and additive is OK effective purify, benzene, ammonia, VOC and pet system, diatomite wallpaper was affixed to won't cause pollution to the environment not only in use process in the home so, it still can make living ambient conditions is able to improve, the strange flavour in the home also was done not have again.

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