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The manufacturing technology of glue face wallpaper
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1, of glue face wall paper form. Tell simply even if polyvinyl chloride (common says: PVC) surface of equably Tu Zaiyuan paper, formed glue face wallpaper.
Among actual production, cannot purely only PVC is in the surface of base paper, and still have other chemistry raw material is course agitate, deliquescent mix together, call these mixture normally: Thickener. The main composition of thickener by: PVC, DOP, calcium carbonate adds pink of right amount and stable agent, titanium white, fall adhesive is comprised according to certain proportion. In addition, according to different need, still need to join the complementary makings such as foaming agent, fire retardant, brightening gent, antioxidant.
PVC(polyvinyl Chloride) , chinese name is: Polyvinyl chloride. It is the main composition material of raw material.
DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate, chinese name is: Acerbity 2 laborious ester, it is synthetic resin plasticizer, as plasticizer, can make wallpaper molten.
Calcium carbonate (Caco3) have fill effect, can increase the mechanical strength of wallpaper.
PVC, DOP, calcium carbonate is in through gel (chemical reaction, the content below can be told) hind, submit transparent form, reason needs to join titanium white pink to build white impression, have cover effect.
Stable agent can make gel process slow undertake.
Fall adhesive is used adjust thickener viscosity.

2, pull current Cheng
Base paper sends Tu Bu dry (gel) refrigeration pressworks
Dry bate presses beautiful refrigeration to cut ear into parts between edition
Indigestion makings, examine put in storage of the curly case that pack
3, flow decomposes the introduction
(1) . Base paper is sent.
① asks to 3 index of base paper:
A. Soggy extend is led. After showing paper is soggy with soggy before the metabolic size that paper fiber expands. The soggy extend rate of homebred paper is 2%-3% commonly, and " Ou Yabi paper " the requirement that achieves now is more than 1.5%
B. Base heavy (the gram is heavy) . Point to the weight of the paper of one square metre. General paper gram has 80g/m2 and 100g/m2 again
C. Cover rate. Be told simply even if point to the size of degree of trace of paper cover metope
The type of the base paper that Europe elegant wallpaper uses is the paper that imports from Finland. Width is 560mm.
The gram is 100 grams again.
When ② product asks two sides is flame retardant, need to use fire prevention base paper, the gram of fire prevention base paper is 90 grams again.
(2) Tu Bu. Use besmear cloth knife to besmear thickener equably namely the process in base paper surface.
(3) dry (gel) . Dry it is to use gas heater, adopt sirocco circulatory system, undertake to coating of base paper surface dry (gel) .
Kiln divides an area, the temperature of every area by low supreme control. The purpose is to assure whole gel the process is finished can steadily, adequately.
(4) cooling. In gel and presswork between, with circulating through two refrigeration annulus refrigerant water is opposite hotter fabrics undertakes cooling sclerosis.
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