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The development history of wallpaper
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The Tang Chao period that is in China early, with respect to somebody on paper plot decorates metope. 18 centuries middle period, english Mo Lisi begins big batch production to presswork wallpaper, had the wallpaper on present-day meaning. As the changes of the times, the development of wallpaper is ceaseless as the development of world economy culture develop, experienced early or late: The Tu Hua on paper, paper, epispastic paper, printing paper, right the development of paper of edition embossed paper, special technology changes process.
Wallpaper is the same as other adornment material is same, as the development of world economy culture ceaseless development is changing. Of different period wallpaper using is local economy development level, new-style material learns, popular consumption psychology is integrated of the element reflect.
Original wallpaper is to be on paper scale, presswork all sorts of design and into. Have certain adornment effect, but also be confined to the advanced place such as royal palace to do local adornment to use. Truly large area goes into the life that occupy the home along with other adornment material, still be in 20 centuries 80 time begin 70 time end.
Whole 80 time, it is the period of epispastic wallpaper be current, "Epispastic " say net edition anaglyph is epispastic again. It is to point to foaming agent is added in raw material, in producing a course complementary with high temperature, make foaming agent is finished similar " ferment " process. Because this produces the wallpaper that come out to be able to have concave and convex feeling, feel softness. The advantage of this kind of wallpaper is stereo feeling strong, the space that can add a room feels. But defect also clearly: Not wear-resisting, suffer easy scratch, easily corrupt. Current, epispastic wallpaper already was washed out stage by stage, but still can see on the ceiling of a few rooms use.
Arrived 80 time evening, as the development of plastic industry, appeared the substitute of epispastic wallpaper, - glue face wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper is not epispastic, character is accordingly stronger, improved the defect of epispastic wallpaper greatly. Waterproof, moistureproof, durable, printing is delicate, press beautiful of grain simple sense, can show an all sorts of design and decorative pattern on wallpaper arbitrarily, its colour is expressional strength, practical those who started wallpaper development is brand-new one page. Current, glue face wallpaper all over the world utilization rate is occupied 70% the left and right sides.
In the beginning of glue face wallpaper is rolled out, the wallpaper of the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics that simple sense shows burnish is wide welcome. Arrived later period, decorate the popular climate change of course of study as the building, lacklustre dumb smooth wallpaper (cloth feeling wallpaper) led tide gradually. Wallpaper is more and more intense to the expressional strength of colour, design, get the general welcome of consumer. Each are big the manufacturer developed intense competition for this.
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