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Change the wallpaper of wallpaper genetic factor is born
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7 years in March, the cereal wallpaper that develops at first on the world arrives from PVC corn, change the wallpaper of wallpaper genetic factor is born from now on.

Wallpaper of world original cereal " head home of Er wallpaper corn "

Differ with PVC wallpaper, use the blame PVC that edible corn starch makes!
- - cereal wallpaper

Of not radiative formaldehyde and heavy metal, those who do not have new house syndrome
- - healthy wallpaper

Do not use an environment to pollute plasticizer of material Phthalate series
- - healthy wallpaper

Use unripe resolvability raw material to make, be buried in soil to also can be decomposed naturally because of edaphic bacteria
- - environmental protection wallpaper

On one: Japan and room- - concise and comfortable Below one: In the light of different age Duan Xuaner child wallpaper

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