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Wall paper changed 2007 personally " anaglyph " concave and convex show trenchan
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If use colour profusion to describe the wall paper of this year, be greatly fogyism really, because present wall paper is early,walk out of pure lean " color " the times of eyeball of try to gain. 2007, what trick is wall paper playing? What kind of wall paper is just most IN? So say, stereo, have anaglyph effect, seek simple sense on vision and touch, was 2007 the popular wind direction of wall paper, look, they are playing on the wall " anaglyph " artistic.

Wall paper is entered " anaglyph " times
Metope, often resemble the complexion of a home, complexion is good-looking, also basically moved surely to this home. Coating follows wallpaper, it is metope to contend for the two big overlords in battle, and in light of the impetus from these a few years, wallpaper has one-up tendency more it seems that, with coating pure the metabolic photograph on colour and design is compared, the space that wallpaper can enjoy is larger, besides play design, play tonal, play a few this years at most it is simple sense, skin texture, bring more stereo sense to metope, distinct visual effect, and this looks to also appear more interesting, plus it is easy to change, wife having job is forecasted, wallpaper may begin to assume ascendant position from 2007, carry off more popular feeling.

Saw wallpaper know in expression of these a few years, before two years, wallpaper bound rolled out a kind of product with natural simple talent, if use natural bulrush or hemp fiber direct and stickup go up at paper copy, no matter be returned on the vision,letting wall paper is natural qualitative feeling is had on touch; Or use PVC to add foaming agent to be stuck on paper copy, copy gives natural grain, one kind be pair of planar wall paper overturns.

Now, the element that wall paper uses is more extensive already, and fancy also more a powerful and unconstrained style, enchase vitreous bead for instance, make stereo feeling exceed strong costly pattern, this follows to behave aristocratic photograph to compare with aureate wallpaper, appear much more brillant undoubtedly, and use the space at all sorts of styles easily also; If use " paper carve " artistic, let wall paper with crapy get victory, cast off the traditional impression to wall paper completely.

Reporter near future fills building materials of heart of house of Wei state building materials, beautiful be placed in the middle, the dazzling human world with its myriad temptations in auspicious the discovery when the house is interviewed, wallpaper already was entered really " anaglyph " times, and the Ma fort that comes from Germany, and capital, sent the brand such as the United States to all roll out the wall paper with stereo feeling get victory.

Wallpaper is innovating a variety of gimmick that go up, actually for a purpose: Gift metope is stereo feeling, skin texture with what abound with eyeball of simple sense please, so wall paper became between one night " anaglyph " , become the stereo art on the wall, no wonder also.
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