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Presswork wallpaper makes 2008 new window sadly
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Wall paper is material of adornment of groovy sex metope, also be the metope adornment data that can reflect adornment to decorate elegant, classical effect most, the application in project of global interior decoration is very wide, fall in industrialized production condition especially, euramerican area wallpaper kind the applied volume growth of the product is very swift and violent.

Since China reforms development oneself, the buildup as comprehensive national power and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, wall paper builds adornment in China had begun to get applied in the project, showed good development the look of things. Italy is exhibited do obeisance to mansion, soft like that elephant of emperor of wallpaper, Tepuli, Ou Ya, Germany AS, Germany, Gelaimei, Wen Che this, elegant the base of a fruit, Duomeiduo, Guilin power is stridden, Guangdong yulan magnolia, new.

Wallpaper industry had new way again 2008, besides beautiful to edition pressing, the production of grain wallpaper, low bubble wallpaper is increasingly refined, a new way, pure black-and-white wallpaper made a window of wallpaper course of study, presswork wallpaper colour is true, gorgeous, natural. Cost of craft, design is low, accept consumer favour fully!

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