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Exhibition of 2008 Asias wall paper
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Exhibit an area: This? China International exhibits a center 80000 square metre,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 houses,
Report for duty cloth exhibits: In Feburary 2008 27-28 day
Exhibit formally: In Feburary 2008 29-On March 3
Sponsor an unit:
China International commerce promotes committee,
Chinese building decorates association,
China International shows central group company,
Undertake unit:
Science and technology of China harbor building shows Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company,
Building of Beijing traditional Chinese clothes shows limited company,
Invitation letter
Wall paper and mural mercery material are material of adornment of groovy sex metope, also be the metope adornment data that can reflect adornment to decorate natural and graceful, showily, classical effect most, the application in project of global interior decoration is very wide. Fall in industrialized production condition especially, euramerican area wallpaper kind the applied volume growth of the product is very swift and violent. China since reforming and opening, the buildup as comprehensive national power and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, wall paper builds adornment in China had begun to get applied in the project, behaved good development the look of things. The development that decorates the market is built in China to promote wall paper trade further, association of Chinese building adornment already held two continuously " exposition of China International wall paper, cloth art " , gathered together among them Italy is exhibited do obeisance to mansion, soft like that Feng Chi of AS of wallpaper, Tepuli, Ou Ya, Germany, Gelaimei, Guangzhou, Wen Che this, astral century, Germany grand be able to bear or endure, Germany bright adorn, Japan 5, occasion is enthusiastic, clinch a deal the amount is large, the height that is exhibited business and colleague of wall paper industry by domestic and international ginseng takes seriously. "Exposition of wall paper of the 5th China International, cloth art " will be in center of exhibition of Beijing China International to reach 10 houses to hold in March 2008.

Ginseng exhibit reach order goods limits:
Wallpaper: Wall paper of careless hemp of PVC plastic wall paper does not have spin wall paper sound-absorbing production of wall paper of cloth of wall of fibre glass of smooth wall paper of firebug of wall paper of wool of wall paper of face of wall paper glue reachs complementary makings: Roller of printing of printing ink of paper radical PVC presses Hua Gun to wait.
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