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New-style wallpaper lets a bedroom more environmental protection, warmer
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Cold winter came, everybody hopes oneself home more environmental protection, warmer. Introduce the wallpaper of a few newest development to everybody now, it is not a kind of simple metope adornment stuff any more, of the art that is full of culture connotation and aesthetic value however, fashionable product, can beautification the life of people, reflect uncommon grade; It broke through the pure adornment sex on wallpaper tradition meaning, joined practical, the home that allows you looks warmer, more environmental protection.

Basically be to use the fiber such as silk, wool, cotton, hemp to weave facing for raw material, it is base material with gauze or paper, put an end to the undesirable factor that affects health thoroughly, be regarded as the wallpaper with highest security so. Having the cloth that spin a wall among them is to use the natural fiber such as cotton, hemp or cleanse nitrile synthetic fibre, spin through notting have shape, on material of a kind of when print chromatic decorative pattern and become colophony, new-style and advanced facing, be full of flexibility, still have the tactile impression like cashmere, be called " the wallpaper that can breathe " .

Use in household can build sweet and a nature, enjoyable, quiet and tastefully laid out, comfortable space atmosphere, and the sound insulation effect with be had better and flame retardant the function with environmental protection. Besides, because it joined special raw material, can make the bedroom gets heat preservation result well.
Grass makes up wallpaper just as its name implies, it is raw material with grass namely, machine the wallpaper that make and becomes. Particular raw material is press after the natural material such as careless, hemp, arrowroot, bamboo, cane, wood, leaf is dry stick at paper base on, avirulent insipidity, sound-absorbing and moistureproof, heat preservation aerates, have full-bodied agrestic flavor, natural and plain.

Pure paper wallpaper suits children room to use

Basically reach by careless, bark contemporary and high-grade new-style and natural strengthen wood pulp (contain the wooden fiber silk of 10% ) machine and become, stickup technology is simple and easy, become warped not easily edge, bubbly, without peculiar smell, environmental protection performance is high, permeability is strong, it is European children room those who appoint is special model wallpaper.

Diatomite is by the plant that grows in sea lake remains piles up hundreds all ages is transitional and into. Because diatomite oneself has countless stoma, but adsorption decomposes the peculiar smell in air, make its had shift wet, breathe freely, the function of mouldproof, deodorization, can apply in spot of bedroom, study, sitting room, office widely.

Shop of cloth radical wallpaper installs nature

Cloth radical wallpaper is chosen high-grade gauze and get together fat material and natural material are made, the result is more natural, simple sense and cloth are more adjacent, give a person natural and sweet sense.
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