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The application that wallpaper is in children room
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When wallpaper is used, must notice to coordinate a gender, must want to follow certain principle on the choice in colour and design and collocation especially, meet otherwise very beautiful very random. The children room of most family is not capacious, the psychology that hopes according to people the environment is a few easier so, had better not choose the wallpaper with grain, too striking pattern, the measure of design also wants proper, if graphical variety is too great,can cause on the vision " force nearly " feeling. Say from colour, toward north room back this world shoulds not be with slant blue, violet wait for cool color, and application slants yellow, red or brown warm color wallpaper, lest winter colour feels too slant cold. And sunny room, can choose slant cold grey tonal wall paper, but unfavorable with shamrock, lake blue look at uncomfortable color this kind winter. Wallpaper suits to use all sides wall that is in children room, but unfavorable choose in roof, because not easy shop holds roof,at the same time decorative pattern and colour create depressive mood possibly. Meet to children psychology and physiology influential.

Also want to consider from whole when choosing wallpaper. You meet the likelihood like the design of some wall paper, color very much, but when it large area is rolled out hind, the effect is not met certainly very good; Perhaps mix again the integral style of room, furniture is abhorrent. So the choice of wallpaper wants from integral proceed with, decide favorite style first, set out from the color of wallpaper, design, character again next, accomplish because of the person different, because of the room different.

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