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Children room design is fastened too flowery
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When wallpaper of choose and buy, its design and color still should accord with the utility of the room, bedroom color element some, children room is not used too the design that crosses flowery, cause visual pollution easily otherwise, affect the visual growth of children. The room such as the sitting room also wants the wallpaper that suits according to room size, appearance and daylighting condition choice.

Before buying wallpaper, still answer reasonable estimation place needs dosage, so that one-time the wallpaper that buys sufficient same batch, otherwise color can appear deviation. If be being calculated roughly, can take the usable floor area of the room with 2.5, its accumulate number is wallpaper to use makings number. In addition, hank provision had better be bought to wear more when purchasing, when produce a mistake in order to avoid or needing to repair in the future, cent second buy cause off color, influence whole decorates the effect.

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