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What style suits wallpaper quite the family is decorated use
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The wallpaper of pure and fresh and elegant style: Apply to the wallpaper partition of sitting room and bedroom space.

Concise stylish wallpaper: Apply to the wallpaper partition of sitting room and dining-room space.

The wallpaper of sweet and clear color: Apply to the wallpaper partition of bedroom and study space.

In the meantime, the design of wallpaper is very beautiful, still can be its paperhanging on old furniture, the vigor that because this coruscate is new,furniture meets, and if metope also is the wallpaper of same style, the style of integral bedroom will be very harmonious.

Concise, pure and fresh quietly elegant style, suit contemporary family to decorate metope to use quite. Have beauty, or exaggerated design, to a few old furniture, it is a right choice.

Clear nostalgic color, suit to be in quite study or use on a few nostalgic furniture.

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