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Wallpaper PK emulsioni paint teachs you how to choose
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1, the sort that wallpaper of choose and buy also wants to make clear Hunan wallpaper first, the function of different wallpaper is to differ very big. The wallpaper on the face is a lot of more phyletic, but common two kinds, pure paper wallpaper and plastic wallpaper (still have the variety such as fabric wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, metal wallpaper) .

Pure paper wallpaper: Make by pulp, environmental protection, permeability is good. But be able to bear or endure water, be able to bear or endure swabbed function difference, construction is no-go also, of paper of present a few entrances be able to bear or endure water, scrab resistance can have bigger rise, but still compare without method with PVC wallpaper.

Plastic wallpaper namely PVC wallpaper, cent is common PVC wallpaper and epispastic PVC wallpaper, the advantage of PVC wallpaper is to be able to bear or endure swab, still can make larger stereo model (epispastic PVC wallpaper) , relatively strong, construction is convenient also, but permeability is bad, the biggest drawback is to have pollution, especially epispastic PVC wallpaper is more serious. So choice wallpaper should see use environment, in horizontal entire store should choose total paper wallpaper, the other place such as the sitting room if dosage is not big, can use the PVC wallpaper with a few good quality. The PVC wallpaper of popular Korea is compared on the market at present.

2, shop wallpaper and brush emulsioni paint which good, the debate is very great, from the price, it is a shop for certain wallpaper is expensive, cheaper wallpaper makes the same score makings of meter of the belt that join project to also want 30-40 or so yuan, the emulsioni paint with this best price is enough also. From environmental protection, the pollution of PVC wallpaper is bigger, hear know; Pure paper wallpaper is close friends at emulsioni paint, but the pollution of good emulsioni paint is not big also, nevertheless a bit want to notice, pure paper wallpaper also is not absolutely free from contamination, make affix an official seal brushs printing ink to with respect to inevitable meeting the heavy metal ion such as lead remains, say pure paper wallpaper is absolutely free from contamination, also be irresponsible. Go up from permeability pure paper wallpaper is best; Emulsioni paint take second place; PVC wallpaper is the poorest. From be able to bear or endure water, be able to bear or endure swab on PVC wallpaper is very good, pure paper wallpaper and emulsioni paint are general, they can say only is " can swab " , publicize like JS anything but " be able to bear or endure swab " . Be able to bear or endure on knock against, 3 are no good, emulsioni paint is to be able to fill, but the result that has filled is bad. I look on service life about the same also, emulsioni paint is used grew to also can become angry, just did not stop apparently. From beautiful go up, shop wallpaper should take absolutely advantage, emulsioni paint is too far behind to catch up with.
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