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Trendy paint and wallpaper to the wall different aesthetic
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Upper wall: the walls are cement grassroots, divided into two parts. Brush the first layer of the wall in the overall interface agent or a grass-roots environmental nitro varnish sealed, and then use putty evenness, dry grinding back, then select a green cloth with glue to the upper wall. Lower wall: lower part of the wall and the upper part of the pattern is different, it uses a silhouette of handling, and cited the Roman column elements, but still retained the upper half of the diagonal grid, the formation of echoes up and down, and the entire wall using the same color uniform of the home atmosphere. Curtain: Iron curtain rod in the hole, it was very light to hide in the wall atmosphere formed, take the curtains hung as a decoration with a simple button. Window of the POP Counter: counter next to the recessed part of the dressing, with 8 cm thick had a shorter shelf POP Counter, just off to change the time for family and out of shoes to use, the following can temporarily put some items. Mirrors and candle light: the front of the hall is always a necessary one place, so here's the dressing preparation is necessary. To ensure the mirror and candle lamps and wall close, you can use candle light and mirror and one of the pegs in the wall of all the processing is completed, some directly in the wall on the right size drill from the appropriate hole linked directly to the mirror and then nail inserted into the back on. Flooring: flooring laminate flooring, simply select the color and pattern, just ask the manufacturers site installation on it. But we know that, under normal circumstances, laminate flooring is about seven meters should have every bead and prevent future expansion contributes to the phenomenon of hollowing.

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