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Assessment: EU to send a rose bud wallpaper Love 43030 freehand style blue an
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Now more and more bold wallpaper design, wallpaper is no longer a simple decoration base, wallpaper style tends more and more interesting and vivid painting in general. Even in some cases, wallpaper can be installed just right as a painting, a scene point to the home - to see whether your unique inspiration of the. EU to send 43 030 Rose Love wallpaper wallpaper is one of the series of the imported brand, country of origin is the famous Dutch tulips and windmills. The following figure shows the effect of paving the lake compositions of blue and olive yellow color, visual effects, eye-catching without glare. In fact, this lake is blue and olive yellow elegant international fashion color, white as a base color, a number of elegant black leaf (not black) dotted, this wallpaper from the colors of one very unique! Abstract pattern change is to be put rose bud, there is a sharp angle Lotus Just Showing the beauty, in short, a very sober and elegant. Technology and Material It is understood that the EU sent a rose wallpaper Foam Suppression Love 43030 precision engineering to create three-dimensional leather effect. Non-woven wallpaper is made of paper-based, which is popular Foam Suppression of foam suppression technology, wallpaper manufacturers are very sophisticated technology, one of the industry's highly respected in Europe and North America. Evaluation staff up, take the wallpaper down turn, issued a strong thick scarred deep voice, which shows good quality non-woven paper-based. If the sound crisp, wallpaper is easy to crack. Tips: non-woven wallpaper base paper, also known as non-woven wallpaper, cloth pulp fiber, is now the world's most popular green wallpaper of new material to cotton and other natural plant fiber formed by the non-woven. Non-woven wallpapers do not contain any PVC, polyethylene and chlorine elements, complete combustion produces only carbon dioxide and water, the visual effect is excellent, very soft. In addition, the very nature of such non-woven wallpaper that can breathe. Carefully sniff wallpaper, wallpaper can check whether the material smell, in general, there is absolutely wallpaper unpleasant odor plus a lot of harmful ingredients, Stones will release in the living room where a large number of formaldehyde, PVC and other harmful elements harmful to human health. Therefore, when consumers do not yield to the temptation to buy cheap wallpaper, wallpaper carefully whether the strange smell smell is a very effective field detection method. EU to send Rose 43030 Wallpaper Love Field Oh no smell, see materials and processes are very secure.

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