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Like desktop computers, like the clothes, there are many styles, colorful, ever-changing; if you put the years looking at the desktop with a wallpaper, it will inevitably produce visual fatigue; a lot of people will find a network Pretty as a computer desktop wallpaper can be changed each time to go online to search for every download, it is a very troublesome thing, for the convenience of the user to update the desktop wallpaper, then the next one to recommend for everyone Desktop Wallpapers collection tools section - HD Wallpapers collectors. HD wallpaper collector is a small collection of useful tools for desktop wallpaper, easy, fast, a key collection of wallpaper, a key set as your desktop background, a key to save the desktop wallpaper to download, set up by covering the way, do not Because your set away more than wallpaper on your computer to delete order, real-time hidden (show) desktop icon features that make your desktop clean and protect your privacy, ease of operation, random folder in your Favorites Regular replacement of wallpaper, do not share memory; the desktop at any time change, so wonderful up your desktop. Information and to download and install the software: Software Name: HD wallpaper collector Software version: 2.0 Software Size: 1307KB Software language: Simplified Chinese Software Category: China-made software / Desktop Accessibility Software license: shareware Operating Environment: Winxp/vista/win7/2000/2003 HD wallpaper download collectors is a compressed file, decompress after installation; HD wallpaper collector installation process is very simple, user wallpaper as long as the collector under the HD Setup Wizard to complete the operation Installation. In the installation process, users can customize the installation path HD wallpaper collector, in the Select Installation Folder panel, click the "Change" button, and then browse in the open folder window which custom HD Wallpapers Collector installation path. After installation is complete, double-click the desktop, "HD Wallpaper" shortcut icon to start the program, then the screen will pop up a splash screen high definition wallpaper collectors. Then enter the main window of HD wallpaper collector, then the user can see the main window HD wallpaper collectors to provide users with a wealth of HD wallpaper image. HD Wallpapers collectors into the main window after the lower right corner of the main window the user can choose to view the page to wallpaper. After find the wallpaper you like, when the user moves the mouse pointer to the wallpaper thumbnail, the time the user can see the wallpaper will pop up three buttons below the thumbnail, click the "Settings" button to set the wallpaper For the computer desktop background. HD Wallpapers collectors to provide users with a button to set the desktop background, allowing the user to set a button to complete; all of the wallpaper setting method are the same. When the user clicks on the thumbnail wallpaper "Save" button to open a Save As window, set the wallpaper in this window save path and name and click "Save" button to download your favorite wallpaper Local Hard drive. You can also add your favorite wallpaper to wallpaper your favorites, click the "Add" button to add to Favorites wallpaper, and then the user simply click the main window at the top of the "wallpaper Favorites" button to turn on the Favorites view your collection of wallpaper images Users can also set up automatic regular replacement wallpaper, click the main window above the "Settings" menu, and then in the pop-up menu, select "Automatic time change" option, and then in the pop-up list, select the replacement time Wallpaper of the time. HD wallpaper collector also provides users with screen shots feature, click the main window above the "Features" menu, and then in the pop-up menu, select "screen shots" option to successfully intercept screen, click the "culture Parts "menu, select" Open screenshots directory "option to open the capture storage folder. HD wallpaper collector support for shortcut keys, users can quickly shortcut key operation; click the "Help" menu, select "Shortcut Keys" option to open the shortcut key to view the window. HD wallpaper collector also provides users with real-time hidden (show) desktop icon features that make your desktop clean; click the main window above the "Features" menu and select "Hide / Show Desktop Icons" option Can be. HD wallpaper collector is a simple, rapid and convenient replacement of software, desktop wallpaper, desktop wallpaper with a key set, a key to download the wallpaper, a key collection of wallpaper, you can also set the automatic timer wallpapers, all The computer will automatically match the wallpaper resolution, so that each piece of wallpaper to achieve perfect results are presented in front of you, wonderful to use the desktop wallpaper HD collectors.

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