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Wallpaper uses the error that go up
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1, think wallpaper is poisonous, harmful to human body. The conduct propaganda that this is a mistake is oriented. From wallpaper manufacturing technology, craft is mixed use come up tell, PVC colophony does not contain the harmful composition such as lead and benzene and photograph of building materials of other chemical industry to compare, can say wallpaper does not have noxiousness; From application angle tells a developed country to use the quantity knead dough of wallpaper, exceed our country far. Technology and application explain plastic wallpaper is pair of human body that do not have noxiousness is hurtless.

2, think wallpaper uses time weak point. Do not wish to often change, be afraid of a trouble, the stale that this is an idea and backward. The biggest characteristic of wallpaper can be updated at any time namely, often change the mood of living space ceaselessly, often have strange feeling. If year can change to spend not much money and time to change bedroom mood, it is a kind of very good spirit undoubtedly adjust and enjoy. The domestic some of foreign developed country is changed one year, some is changed one year twice, the christmas, wallpaper in crossing birthday to want to change the home.

3, think paper falls off easily. Falling off easily is not the problem of wallpaper itself, however the problem of stickup craft and sizy quality. Use wallpaper not only without harm, and have 4 auspicious place: It is newer easy; 2 it is stickup and handy; 3 it is alternative strong; 4 it is cost petty gain.

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