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The choose and buy of cloth of wall paper wall and maintain
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Wall paper and wall cloth are mixed in the choose and buy maintain on very much the same. The kind that selects wall paper to want pair of wall paper above all and the collocation with the room have probably understanding. Because the bedchamber, sitting room, utility with respective dining room is different, had better choose different wall paper, in order to achieve as harmonious as furniture result.
Wall cloth is a kind of more luxurious adornment material. The price of wall cloth is computational unit with section chief rice, the price of wall cloth lets different fabric width, capable person of qualitative, craft different and different, the price of rice of every section chief is in homebred wall cloth 30-110 yuan, the price prep above of the entrance is homebred, every lengthen the entrance wall cloth of coequal norms, quality 20-30 of rice tower above yuan. If be mixed plus auxiliary material,expend artificially, every lengthen the price of rice to should be controlled plus 40 yuan. When choosing wall cloth, notice the surface does not have reel off raw silk from cocoons even, jump filar phenomenon

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