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Colorful wallpaper is lifted " metope revolution "
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Abound of material gradually as metope, simple coating cannot have satisfied people aesthetic to bedroom illuminative, the wallpaper of rich and colorful lifted a new clothes to act the role of the revolution on the wall of creed.
Wallpaper is not the substitute of coating, it not just bureau be confined to is stuck simply on the wall, having the effect of beautification metope, its function had been head and shoulders above people to be opposite the judge of its surface. Go up character from material can be wallpaper cent pulp wallpaper of wallpaper of compound wallpaper, fabric cloth cover, cloth oar fiber is mixed cloth radical wallpaper, the wallpaper of other type still has wallpaper of fiber of diatomite, weaving, cork, wood pulp, flocking, silk, tinsel to wait. Compare with coating photograph, its color, design is more rich, can derive endless originality, gift metope more the change of rich and colorful. The life of wallpaper is long also at emulsioni paint, its biggest characteristic can be updated at any time namely, constant change lives in dimensional atmosphere. No matter be the wallpaper with what qualitative material, the its base material, adhesive that prints the place when a needed printing ink, interior is coating, stickup to use all is not contained any can volatilize material, have good permeability can, make sure indoor air is pure and fresh and clean completely. On the design of design, in order to highlight the natural itself features that skins texture to show decorative pattern for the purpose.
Different space has room of different kitchen, corridor, stair, children to wait to should be chosen more easily to have by flyblown place each to the performance demand of wallpaper anti-fouling, be able to bear or endure the wallpaper of dirty function; Toilet still should be chosen deodorant, moistureproof, anti-fouling the wallpaper of function; Bedroom, study can choose the wallpaper that oxygen ion loses in prevent phonic wallpaper or increasing air. In addition, the family that have a child or raises pet should be chosen anti-fouling, be able to bear or endure scraping wallpaper. What wallpaper place brings is design, material not only the improvement on qualitative, function, those who skin texture is the perfect expression of detail, meticulous showing is the explanation with brand-new to the life people.

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