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Wall changes new clothes natural talent becomes wallpaper tide character
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Show according to authoritative data: The total spending demand of Chinese wallpaper was 36 million 2005, according to before annual the amplitude that 13 % control, hopeful of this one word 2007 the bottom is 42 million by refresh. Concerned personage says, what be in Beijing as exposition of wall paper of the 4th China International at the beginning of March, cloth art is grand hold, today spring wind of adornment market wallpaper begins sadly be current. On March 10, happy cabinet of Danish brand blessing was released wall paper was tasted newly 2007; On March 16, legalists of heart of meaning of house of integral household experience introduced cloth of zoology of De Lishi series solely art; The emperor of domestic famous brand also rolls out “ to spend sweet ” and “ impression ” in the corresponding period like the group the spring of two series is tasted newly.
As the promotion of life character, people lives to oneself environmental health, safety and environmental protection demand are higher and higher. In today spring the wallpaper exhibition hall of market of lumber of each a lunar month of 30 days all can see, the environmental protection wallpaper with natural qualitative talent takes absolutely dominant place in the sale, the product with natural simple talent has been become today spring the one spring tide of wallpaper market flows. “ is necessary to be made one time above all about wallpaper misunderstanding correct the understanding of ——— most person to wallpaper still stays in last centuries on the epispastic wallpaper at the beginning of 80 time, misunderstand too deep ” , emperor expresses like wallpaper stylist Chen Ying, actually the wallpaper nowadays has changed early, the use of high-tech, new material makes wallpaper takes the family of people afresh, make the Yi of household space Yi of people unripe brightness

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