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Liquid wallpaper is alike in spirit wall paper
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Nowadays, in the market of a few professional building materials of Wuhan, ” of “ liquid wallpaper makes a new scenery line. Although be not bought, sheet is wallpaper of its “ neither, also be not the concept of ” of general metope lacquer, also can let consumer shine at the moment.  
As we have learned, ” of “ liquid wallpaper is a kind of coating actually, it reachs all sorts of magical results skinning texture through the colour apply colours to a drawing with boundless irregular change, the environment that lets a bedroom becomes more fashionable, individuation. The place such as the TV setting wall of the adornment wall of the head of a bed that is in a bedroom, dining-room, sitting room, coating of besmear mount simple sense, can present the grain that gives similar wallpaper and design.
According to science and technology of building materials of Wuhan constant Xin development company fizzles out to always introduce, wallpaper ” meets “ liquid to decorate collocation to rise with metope commonly sale. When besmear is brushed, want preexistence metope to go up even daub a be bored with child, dry after 24 hours, drop coarse share with sand paper burnish, be in next the face is thin besmear sparsely coating of ” of wallpaper of liquid of a “ , besmear is blown alternately repeatedly again later. ” of wallpaper of use “ liquid, besmear brushs strength daub way is different, different, or color is tie-in and different, all can present different visual result.  
As we have learned, the price of ” of “ liquid wallpaper is 30 yuan commonly / square metre, be equivalent to the price of cheap wallpaper only, so special to general labour firewood estate material benefit, but at the same time, research a product whether the key that environmental protection also should be lacquer of choice wall colour.

Liquid wallpaper
Also be called wallpaper lacquer. Coating of ability in swimming of this kind of environmental protection uses auxiliary of pink of acrylic latex, titanium white, painty etc to be made. It overcame emulsioni paint colour already onefold, be short of without what administrative levels feels be restricted, also avoided wallpaper time long changeful look, become warped edge, have the drawback such as juncture.
” of “ liquid wallpaper has 10 large categories about at present, convertibility a variety of 300 pattern, a variety of 90 color effects. For instance, ”(absorbs lacquer of “ luminous wallpaper visible light 10 - 30 minutes, can give off light 12 hours continuously in darkness above) , illuminate of ”(incandescent lamp of lacquer of “ chameleon wallpaper is a kind of color, sunshine illuminate is additionally one kind of color) , ”(passes a surname of “ anaglyph wallpaper special technology, metope can present anaglyph result) etc.

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