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2008 eleventh exhibition of Beijing international furniture
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2008 eleventh origin of exhibition of Beijing international furniture: Beijing China International exhibits a center to add a person: Zhangchun001   adds time: 2008-08-16 14:07:59Beijing furniture is exhibited- 2008Eleventh China (Beijing) international furniture exhibition The 11th China Beijing International Furniture And Wood Machinery ExhibitionTime: 2008Year 11Month 25Day---28Day Place: Beijing · China International exhibits a center Extend meeting scope: 50, 000 smooth rice predicting audiences: 60, 000 people Chief: Zhang Chun 13391511886 phones: The corresponding period of 010-64630548 84540980 is held:Articles for use of household of international of Beijing of the 3rd China and home are spun adorn taste exhibition classic furniture exhibition sponsors annatto of international of Beijing of the 4th 2008 China unit:Company of group of center of exhibition of China International of of furniture guild of Beijing of association of adornment of building of China of stimulative commission of China International trade undertakes unit:China International exhibits harbor of group north capital to show limited company in company of exhibition center group Support an unit: Association of furniture of China of association of Chinese interior decoration saves city furniture each association Northward 2008 dimensions the biggest, class the highest, international furniture grand meeting that has force most Before Character Furniture of Chinese Beijing international and woodworker exhibition establish 1998, last a period of time is close development of 10 years, already made Chinese northward scale the biggest, class is highest internationally furniture trade grand meeting. Companion develops quickly as economy, of people living standard rise. The content of science and technology of industry of place demand furniture, energy-saving to its environmental protection, artistic level had the demand of overall high quality, furniture industry will be the market consumption that has an effect most at present. Beijing is put in the consumptive market with huge move not only, and powerful economic radiant emitance and the good place that also make via position of trade key position its become the whole nation to popularize. This will bring unprecedented development good opportunity for industry of our country furniture. Every furniture exhibits what can get manufacturer, agency, customer to support energetically with attention, cooperate closely to fall in what sponsor an unit each, already consummation held 10. Each respect such as innovation of the dimensions of Beijing furniture exhibition, class, technology all is close to achieve domestic congener furniture to exhibit the level of the meeting. Correspond to promote furniture industry to build a mutual communication, channel the platform of breath, stimulative commerce, by China the building decorates association, beijing furniture guild, harbor of group north capital is exhibited to exhibit limited company to sponsor “ eleventh jointly in furniture of Chinese Beijing international and woodworker exhibition ” on November 25, 2008 - the center is exhibited 28 days to hold in Beijing China International. Current furniture exhibits meeting general to attract even more 600 outstanding ginseng postpone a business, exhibit an area to amount to 50, 000 square metre, predict to will more than 60 thousand global major buy the home to go to meeting, it is at present the whole nation provides the furniture industry of dimensions and actual strength to exhibit most one of meetings. The eleventh that held to 28 days on November 25, 2008 furniture of Chinese Beijing international and woodworker exhibition, will be international furniture, civil furniture, classic furniture, office furniture, annatto furniture, household act the role ofing to taste by cent of content of item on display reach things, furniture Yuan Fucai makings, woodworker exhibit an area. The course is managed meticulously 10 years, should be being exhibited already can be northward dimensions the furniture grand meeting with the biggest, highest class. Beijing holds the focus that the Olympic Games made Beijing makes the world again 2008 and the market that have development latent capacity most. Beijing is mixed in urban progress, telegraphic, traffic the investment amount on public construction project will reach 23 billion dollar. Beijing builds comparatively well-off society in the round, take the lead in realizing modern pace to still can be accelerated. All trades and professions will be benefited from which directly, especially furniture and relevant adornment, building, building materials and relevant industry. Beijing international furniture exhibits the huge demand that drives by right of place of Olympic Games business chance, service Olympic Games, service postpones business.
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