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Exhibition of building materials of international of the 16th 2009 Beijing
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Origin of exhibition of building materials of international of the 16th 2009 Beijing: Beijing China International exhibits a center to add a person: Zhangchun001   adds time: 2008-08-16 13:52:54Exhibition of 2009 Beijing building materials - the 16th (Beijing) international building adornment and material exposition Exhibit meeting controller: Zhang Chun 13391511886 010-64630548 Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit a house: Beijing · new China International exhibits a center (whole house is exhibited 6000 times) Extend meeting scope: 100 thousand square metre predicts an audience: 120 thousand person Time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7 The corresponding period is held Clean of sanitation of 2009 Beijing international provides course of study of door of the 16th China International and exhibition of building adornment hardware, building of the 16th whole nation decorates architectural pottery and kitchen establishment exhibition data industry orders goods can adornment of ground of the 10th China International and carpet exhibition eleventh sunshade of China International building and buildingSponsor an unit China International of association of adornment of building of China of stimulative commission of China International trade shows central group companySupport an unit Architecture of China of committee of technology of standardization of carpet of whole nation of head office of exits and entrance of building of China of association of standardization of project of China of academy of design of building of China of association of heat addition of town of China of academy of science of building of China of association of industry of forest products of China of head office of Chinese construction project is met traditional Chinese clothes assist hutch guards traditional Chinese clothes of association of structure of metal of building of project committee China assist information advisory committeeUndertake unit Beijing traditional Chinese clothes exhibits harbor of group north capital to exhibit limited company 2009 in of limited company of science and technology of exhibition of China harbor building year Chinese Beijing and class of China north area the grand meeting of exclusive international building materials with highest, the largest scale! Postpone meeting introduction “ the 15th China (Beijing) international building adornment and country of material exposition ”(Build Decor2008 postpone the meeting that build rich) already was in Beijing in March 2008 satisfactory respond to a curtain call. Exhibit can enable China International to exhibit central 1-10 date to exhibit a house entirely, exhibit meeting dimensions to be 65000 square metre, exhibit digit quantity to amount to more than 4000, ginseng exhibit business to come from the 30 many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, England, United States, Denmark, Spain, polish, Finnish, Russia, Turkey, Korea, southeast Asia and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese inland and area respectively, on behalf of the whole world enterprise of many 1600 of the bannerest technology domestic and international famous building materials is the same as hall reveal, assemble in (Build Decor2008 country exhibits) of the meeting that build rich. Exhibit professional audience looks around during the meeting purchase an amount to amount to 85000 person-time, abroad purchased an organization to occupy 25 % . Home looks around purchased an organization to enclothe the 22 provinces city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Heibei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong. No matter be to exhibit meeting dimensions and trade result, “Bui1d Decor2008 country exhibited ” of the meeting that build rich to all initiate Chinese northward building materials to extend the new phase of the meeting. Reach top level of the history, it may be said is an exceptionally grand occasion. Realized good resource to share with scope effect, offerred an all-around, depth for both sides of supply and demand of building materials trade second, complete and efficient purchase communication platform. “ the 16th China (Beijing) international building adornment and abbreviation of material exposition ”(, BUILD DECOR2009 country postpones the meeting that build rich) will —3 month will exhibit a center 7 days to be held once more in Beijing · new China International on March 4, 2009, exhibit meeting dimensions to add to 80000 square metre, exhibit digit quantity to add reach 6000. And Beijing - center of exhibition of new China International is China top class specialization exhibit one of houses, hold the place with most good exhibition. “ Beijing country exhibited ” of the meeting that build rich to will divide a house to exhibit an area according to product use 2009, cent sets pottery and porcelain hardware of adornment of door of stair of cloth of wall of ark of wall of Wei Yu, kitchen, wall paper, floor, wood, automatic door, garage door, building, warm a heat addition, new-style building materials exhibits an area, it is with exhibition of each special subject oriented, it is a foundation in order to have the advertisement conduct propaganda of range and deepness, make exhibit the force that can have height inside the industry and famous degree. The setting is more more professional, reasonable, on the publicizes the job that enrol business base that gets remarkable result in previous term or session, strengthen the collaboration with professional media and in abroad the promotion on famous and congener exhibition, invite more major audience and abroad buy the home to attend a meeting purchase. Just meet the project purchases busy season right now, this will drive the product sales volume of enterprise annual, also be to face the market and agency to recommend the equal opportunity that tastes newly. Exhibit ginseng of the enterprise outside can predicting to will have 2000 home, exhibit an area 80000 square metre, 6000 standards are exhibited, b Ui1d Decor2009 will continue to strengthen the cooperation with association of / of domestic and international business on this foundation, ceaseless promotion abroad exhibits the amount of business and quality. The L 50 inside U.N. is much at the same time media of domestic major media, many 50 public is met to exhibiting have a system and scientific advertisement conduct propaganda, achieve the favorable result that extend trade. After BuiId Decor2009 will become country of afterwards BUILD DECOR2008 to postpone the meeting that build rich, Chinese housing materials and building decorate an industry to show the grand meeting with commerce again.
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