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Cloth of wall paper of the 6th China International art exhibition
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Cloth of wall paper of the 6th China International art exhibition origin: The network adds a person: Xinghai   adds time: 2008-03-26 17:00:14 country chinese mainland
Hold time 2008-9-3
End time 2008-9-5
Sign up end 2008-7-15
Join smooth congress of Shanghai of the dot that exhibit the ground to exhibit a center
Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote committee
Chinese building decorates association
China International shows central group company

Undertake China harbor building shows unit Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company of science and technology
Supportive unit is soft like that wallpaper the 6th 2008 China (Shanghai) cloth of international wall paper art exhibition
Exhibiting bldg. of meeting brief introduction is economy of our country countryman one of industries of 5 big pillar, in development process of nearly 10 years, because be opposite,building exterior quality and underlying demand rise ceaselessly, the proportion that makes adornment is decorated promotes ceaselessly in building project total cost, in high-grade building construction, adornment decorates the 40% above that already held project cost. Industry of adornment of our country building has grown to be amounted to from trade number 14 million, year total year of huge trade that is worth more than 860 billion yuan, take gross domestic product 6% the left and right sides; Industry year growth rate amounts to 20% above, in national economy the level goes up in be in in each industry, the growth rate of GDP of far outclass, made remarkable contribution for national economy growth.

Ginseng exhibit limits wallpaper: PWall paper of careless hemp of VC plastic wall paper is not had spin wall paper sound-absorbing cloth of wall of fibre glass of smooth wall paper of firebug of wall paper of wool of wall paper of face of wall paper glue.
Production of — wall paper reachs complementary makings: Roller of printing of printing ink of the VC that hand in 鵓 presses Hua Gun to wait
— cloth art: ∈ page  is taken an examination of how to swallow  to be troubled by  ? to live in adornment to use cloth sand of various curtain cloth releases vestee of bedding window screening the home spins a design
— carpet: 1. The car uses carpet exhibition to use carpet with business of carpet of carpet family expenses
2.Carpet of diamonds of bitumen of modified of PVC diamonds carpet gets together fine of wool of sod of man-made of ammonium ester carpet and fiber carpet
Silk of copy of carpet of bunch cloth with soft nap / third logical sequence / fine logical sequence / the nylon such as carpet of cleanse logical sequence / pure wool / bamboo carpet
3.Printing reachs a shade carpet woven needle of carpet handiwork carpet makes carpet of palace of carpet mechanism carpet plain knit carpet of embroider of hand of carpet Persia carpet Akesimingsite spin carpet Weierdu spin carpet
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