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Exhibition of wall paper of international of 2008 China Tianjin, cloth art, carp
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Exhibition of wall paper of Chinese Tianjin international, cloth art, carpet
Officer unit: People's Republic of China builds a department
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee to build industry branch
City of association of Chinese real estate develops committee
China International chamber of commerce builds industry chamber of commerce
Support an unit: Tianjin city construction runs committee
Management board of Tianjin city estate
Assist run an unit: Tianjin seaside new developed area runs committee
Association of restaurant of Tianjin city travel
Arts and crafts learns Tianjin city
Tianjin city builds a society
Constituent unit: Chinese trade hurried can build industry branch to show a department
Rich is thought of achieve international to exhibit (Beijing) limited company
Tianjin new season can exhibit limited company

Market background
Wall paper and the metope that mercery material regards the wall as to be able to reflect adornment to decorate natural and graceful, showily, classical effect most decorate material, the rapid development as our country economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, had built adornment in China begin to get applied extensively in the project, showed good development the look of things.
The building of annulus Bohai Sea with infinite business chance of Olympic Games chance decorates the market. As new of upsurge of round of economy start, circle of economy of annulus Bohai Sea has become one of investment heat area that China and even world fix eyes upon, what in urban infrastructure construction and residential property invest is driving drive, construction of city of area of annulus Bohai Sea and the tremendous progress latent capacity that build market of adornment building materials and investment upsurge already were highlighted finish now, have good development foundation and tremendous development latent capacity, had become help the strong strong point that moves economic growth.
Tianjin city builds a climax to invest heat, relevant enterprise will encounter development gold period. Tianjin is the central city that 21 centuries China has development latent capacity most, it is the bibcock of area of annulus Bohai Sea and even progress of Chinese northward economy. Development of afterwards seaside new developed area is open bring into a country after layout of overall development strategy, tianjin is new construction of development of round of city is already strong start, place of hotel of class of of all kinds and high-grade residence, star, Olympic Games and establishment of business affairs form a complete set are in construction, the wall paper related its, cloth art, carpet and relevant adornment material will enter an exuberant demand period.
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