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Set limit to of housing materials radionuclide
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The 3rd chapter is this standard mandatory clause, the others is recommend sexual clause.
The sun of autogenous effect has this level, abolish at the same time GB6566-2000 " housing materials radiological health standard " , GB6763-2000 " housing materials product and building materials use material of radioactivity of industrial waste residue to control a demand " with JC518-93 of building materials occupation standard (96) " product of natural stone material is radiative defend classification controls a standard " .
This standard and GB6566-2000, GB6763-2000 and JC518-93 (96) be as follows than main change:
-- for building principal part housing materials component the project uses material of building principal part and building facing decorate material. Stipulated in building main body material, natural radionuclide compares the set limit to of activity, have classified government no longer; Decorate material clearly to have the demand of classified management;
-- radionuclide detects the method cites no longer GB / T11713-1989 and standard of GB / T11743-1989;
-- cancel the content that building materials uses field of requirement of set limit to of industrial waste residue;
-- cancel use γ radiate close rate to detect level of the radioactivity in the method that has deciding and perambulate of stone material bed beforehand criterion for evaluation;

This standard is put forward by association of industry of Chinese housing materials.
This standard drafts an unit: Geological university of center of perambulate of industry of building materials of laboratory of sanitation of industry of academy of science of Chinese housing materials, Ministry of Public Health, China, China (Beijing) .
This standard joins the unit that draft: Material of stone of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of association of industry of Chinese stone lumber, Fujian radioactivity of building materials of limited company, country controls ability of stone of Rong Chengzhong Lei of limited company, Shandong detect center.
This standard basically drafts a person: Ma Zhenzhu, Wang Naping, Yang Qin yuan, Ren Tianshan, Wang Yu and.
This standard place replaces all previous version of the standard to release a circumstance to be:
-- GB6566-1986, GB6566-2000
-- GB6763-1986, GB6763-2000

Set limit to of housing materials radionuclide
1 limits
This standard stipulates housing materials is medium natural radionuclide radium - 226, thorium - 232, potassium - the set limit to that 40 radioactivity compares activity and experiment method.
This standard is applied to make of all kinds fabric uses inorganic is metalloid kind of housing materials, include the housing materials of waste residue of mix into industry.
2 term and definition
Following term and definition apply to this standard.
2. s of l of a of i of r of e of t of a of m of g of n of i of d of l of i of u of 1 housing materials b
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