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Construction of building adornment engineering and check and accept a standard-
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Project of paperhanging of the 9th chapter

The first sets commonly

The 9th. 1. A this chapter applies to polyvinyl chloride (PVC of the following abbreviation) the construction of the indoor paperhanging project that wait reachs cloth of plastic wallpaper, compound wallpaper, wall check and accept.
The 9th. 1. The quality of matrix of 2 paperhanging project or basic level surface should be accorded with active " assemble type greatly board design of living building construction and construction regulations) , " big pattern plate is multilayer residential construction design and construction regulations " , " timberwork engineering construction and check and accept a standard " with this normative plasterer.
The basic level surface of paperhanging, color appropriate is consistent, color of surface of cloth of low to covering power wallpaper, wall, basic level should agree.
The 9th. 1. The moisture content of matrix of 3 paperhanging project or basic level: Concrete and plasterer must not be more than 8 % ; Wood products must not be more than 12 % .
The 9th. 1. The room with 4 bigger humidity and often damp wall substance appearance, when if need,making paper, should use the data such as the wallpaper that has waterproof properties and adhesive.
The 9th. 1. Before 5 paperhanging, should the equipment of surface of will outstanding basic level or accessory debus, the head of a nail should enter basic level surface, besmear antirust coating, nailhole uses oily dirt child fill and level up.
The 9th. 1. The be bored with of daub of grass-roots unit of 6 paperhanging engineering child, should solid and firm, must not pulverization, have skin and break.
The 9th. 1. 7 paper process is counteracted dry before, should prevent draught interest to play the abrupt change with temperature.
The 9th. 1. Construction of 8 wintry period should undertake below heating condition.

Quality of the 2nd material asks

The 9th. 2. Cloth of a wallpaper, wall should neat, design clarity. The quality of PVC wallpaper should be accorded with active " polyvinyl chloride wallpaper " (GB8945) regulation.
The 9th. 2. The design of cloth of 2 wallpaper, wall, breed, colour should accord with design requirement, answer with product certificate of approval.
The 9th. 2. 3 adhesive should be chosen by the breed of wallpaper and wall cloth match, should have mouldproof, fast wait for function, if have fire prevention,requirement criterion adhesive should be had high temperature resistant do not have a property.
The 9th. 2. 4 are carried and when keep in storage, cloth of all wallpaper, wall all does not get insolation drench; Pressure delay wallpaper and wall cloth to should be made the same score put; Epispastic wallpaper and compound wallpaper should stand put.

The 3rd wallpaper, wall has paper

The 9th. 3. Before a paperhanging, answer to keep clear of the bilge of matrix or basic level surface, dirt person clean, extensive alkaline place, the rare acetic acid that appropriate uses 9 % is counteracted, clean. Must not have dot of flying thorn, hemp, arenaceous bead and break. Ying Shunzhi of horn of yin and yang.
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