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5 kinds of homes install behavior to be prohibited
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Live with common people closely related " residential interior decoration decorates administrative measure " begin to carry out since May. This government measure prohibits 5 kinds of homes hold action.

These 5 kinds of forbidden behavior are respectively: The design unit that perhaps has corresponding aptitude order and degree without designing an unit formerly puts forward to devise plan, fluctuant building principal part and bearing structure; Between toilet of instead of balcony of the person that will do not have the room occasional of waterproof requirement, kitchen; Enlarge the original door window measure on main wall, dismantle system of the brick of join balcony, concrete wall; Attaint building is original and energy-saving establishment, reduce energy-saving effect; Other influence builds structure and the behavior of use safety.

In the meantime, housing is decorated cannot search again " decorate guerrilla " , will be fined otherwise. Administrative measure makes clear a regulation: Decorate a person to entrust an enterprise to carry on its decorate those who decorate a project, the adornment that ought to choose to have corresponding aptitude order and degree decorates an enterprise, if deregulation, decorate adornment the project is entrusted do not have company of corresponding aptitude grade, branch of director of urban estate administration can be instructed correct, be in with 500 yuan of above 1000 yuan of the following amerce.

(Article origin: News evening paper)

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