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Construction of engineering of decorate of Shanghai family outfit and check and
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One, construction of labour of water and electricity
1. plumbing
(Construction of road of 1) wirereinforced suction hose asks
1.1 by design regulation certain valve grows, get the materials ready cut fixed position of canal, installation.  
1.2 conduit wring tooth deepness moderate, without burr, the length that wring a tooth not less than teeth.  
1.3 conduit joint is used flexible raw material belt is wrapped pester 5~6 circle, conduit wrings tooth number to come for 5 teeth 6 teeth, till pigheaded close connect, do not allow to rot the tooth is received in receiving a valve.
1.4 conduit installation must not stand by power source.
(Construction of 2) rainspout road asks
2.1 by the design the regulation undertakes.
Original pipeline is checked above all before 2.2 construction expedite, be in only fall into water expedite circumstance lower part can undertake construction.
In 2.3 construction forbidden and sundry enter pipeline, sewer must use hard canal connection.
[Note] below special situation, below the premise that assures catchment safety, can consider to be not hard canal join.
(3) checks and accept a standard
3.1 conduit are arranged accord with design regulation, bibcock, valve installs level off.  
3.2 conduit give Shui Chang to connect, open of bibcock, valve is agile, water meter movement is normal.  
3.3 conduit and joint of implemental, conduit do not have leakage.
3.4 laid dark canals try leakage must not appear when pressing, leakage criterion must not close over.
Path connect join and the join with floor drain want 3.5 rainspout sealed, without leakage.
3.6 conduit install horizontal smooth upend, range estimation does not have apparent deviation.
3.7 conduit are fixed and firm, without become loose, displacement; Appear wring a tooth to want to have anticorrosive processing.
Project of 6. wholesome appliance
(Construction of 1) wholesome appliance asks
1.1 determine wholesome and implemental position by the design.
Should undertake checking to wholesome appliance before 1.2 installation, the examination is in good condition nondestructive is bad, whether to accord with purchase standard requirement.
Wholesome appliance wants to move put down gently gently when 1.3 installation, prevent damage. Location is exact, place smooth, install, outfit is firm.
1.4 wholesome and implemental catchment (corrupt) eduction mouth and catchment (corrupt) canal bear the join rigor leakage of the mouth, makings that do not have bend.
(2) checks and accept a standard
2.1 wholesome and implemental catchment (corrupt) eduction is expedite, do not block up do not leak.
The permissible variation in dimension that 2.2 wholesome appliance install sets by the watch.
The use switch with 2.3 implemental sanitation (bibcock, valve) open is agile, control is effective.
2.4 wholesome appliance are fixed and firm, exterior nondestructive is bad, clean.
Project of 7. gas conduit, appliance burning gas
(Demand of construction of 1) gas pipeline sets affirmatory length by the design, get the materials ready cut a canal, bright canal installs fixed position.
Express one wholesome appliance to install positional tolerance regulation

Unit: Millimeter A   eye tolerance (law of Mm) check proved recipe 10 of ≤ of value of coordinate of individual and implemental position uses 1 pull line and line to drop, steel rule examines.