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Consumer rights and interests protects a law
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(The 4th times the conference passed the 8th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on October 31, 1993 chairman of People's Republic of China made the 11st announce on October 31, 1993)
General principles of the first chapter

The first
To protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, uphold socioeconomy order, health of stimulative socialist market economy develops, make this way.
The 2nd
Consumer needs to buy for unripe vivid consumption, use commodity perhaps accepts a service, its rights and interests gets this law protection; This law did not make a provision, suffer other concerned law, code to protect
The 3rd
Operator offers the commodity of its production, sale to perhaps provide a service for consumer, ought to observe this standard; This law did not make a provision, ought to abide by other concerned law, code.
The 4th
Operator and consumer do business, ought to follow the principle of freewill, equal, fair, honest credence
The 5th
The country protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumer not to suffer enroach on. The country takes step, guarantee customer lawfully exercise right, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer.
The 6th
The legitimate rights and interests that protects consumer is complete ancestor joint responsibility of the society. The country is encouraged, support all organizations and individual the behavior of legitimate to harming consumer rights and interests undertakes a society supervise. Mass communication agency ought to have made the conduct propaganda that safeguards consumer to close right increase, the behavior of legitimate to harming consumer rights and interests undertakes public opinion supervise.

The right of consumer of the 2nd chapter

The 7th
Consumer is being bought, use commodity and safety of person, belongings is enjoyed not to get damaged right when accepting a service. Consumer has the commodity that authority asks operator is offerred and service, accord with the demand that ensures safety of person, belongings.
The 8th
Consumer enjoys know its are bought, the right of the true condition of the service that use commodity perhaps accepts. Consumer has the different case that authority perhaps serves according to commodity, date of the price that requirement operator provider tastes, producing area, generator, utility, function, norms, grade, main component, birth, period of validity, acceptance label bright, use method manual, after service, the concerned circumstance such as the content that perhaps serves, norms, charge.
The 9th
Consumer enjoys the right that own alternative commodity perhaps serves. Consumer has authority to select the operator that the provider is tasted or serves independently, assortment of own alternative merchandise perhaps serves kind, own decision is bought or do not buy a kind of any goods, accept or do not accept an any services. When consumer is choosing commodity to perhaps serve independently, authority undertakes comparative, differentiate and choose.
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