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Beijing family bedroom decorates a contract (referenced this)
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Party of this contract both sides:                 
Hair bag square (Party A of the following abbreviation) :                 
Full name (name)      The project represents a full name             
Working unit                
Connect a telephone call        
Contract square (Party B of the following abbreviation) :                 
Register an address                
Zip code         Connect a telephone call       
Legal representative      Project responsibility person       
Business license number                
Basis " contract law of economy of People's Republic of China " the regulation that reachs other to concern law, code, combine characteristic of domestic bedroom illuminative, both sides of armour, second is in equal and freewill, negotiate the domestic bedroom that Party A contracts to send a package with respect to Party B on consistent foundation to decorate a project (project of the following abbreviation) concerned matters concerned, reach following agreements:
The first, project general situation
1.1 projects place
1.2 projects content and practice (see subordinate list one)
1.3 projects contract means: Jiayi of contractor of makings, Party B wraps in Party B contractor parcel of bilateral and respective part expects and Party A of Party B contractor is in charge of offerring 3 kinds of means of makings to be entirely:
Among them: Party A is offerred makings (see subordinate list 2)
Party B is offerred makings (see subordinate list 2)
1.4 projects deadline Day
Start date Year Month Day
Date of completion Year Month Day
The 2nd, Party A works
Before 2.1 start working Day, enter for Party B construction creates a condition. Include: Move clear indoor furniture, display or will indoor the furniture that moves not easily, display puts in caboodle, cover 's charge, with affecting construction.
2.2 be in charge of offerring fountainhead, power source to be used for Party B.
2.3 responsible and harmonious neighborhood concern.
2.4 if need to tear open truly,change original structure structure (include bridge, cylinder, board, the wall) or equipment cop, be in charge of dealing with corresponding examination about the branch formalities.
Party A still needs to use this bedroom partly during 2.5 construction, be in charge of those who make good construction scene guarding reach fire control to wait for a job.
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