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What regulation ought to abide by when owner decorates a building?
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Owner decorates a building, it is the building that shows building everybody owns property to oneself undertake decorating or reparative. When owner is having this kind of activity, must abide by " building adornment decorates management to set " , " domestic bedroom decorates method of administrative try out " wait for a regulation. Particular system is the following now respect:
When 1 , owner is entered, should sign with property management unit decorate agreement, agreement:
(1 ) indoor decorate should not do sth without authorization alters building principal part bearings structure. Must not go up in main wall at will bilge, do not increase building floor dead load at will, indoors wall of build by laying bricks or stones or top of excess load condole, installation is large lamps and lanterns and ceiling fan.
Every is involved tear open change subject structure and increase load apparently, owner must be in charge of a branch to offer application to the estate administration of building seat, the use safety that decides an unit to decorate plan to adornment by building safety ancient bronze mirror undertakes authorized; Building adornment decorates an applicant to hold instrument of ratification to be in charge of a branch to deal with a newspaper to approve procedure to town planning, get construction license.
(2) not blowdown of shift of do sth without authorization or next conduit line positions. Must not be destroyed or tear open the ground that changes kitchen, toilet establishment of waterproof layer and water, warm, report, gas form a complete set.
(3) not violate the rules and regulations is built. The wall system that must not dismantle window of join balcony door, enlarge original door Xi dimension or build door window additionally.
(4) whole of the wall outside be not being affected is neat and beautiful.
(5) must not use combustible adornment data in great quantities.
2, no matter be to undertake still commission other to undertake by oneself,owner decorates a building, ought to take effective measures, reduce or avoid the effect that place of normal to photograph adjacent dweller life causes.
(1 ) all sorts of litter that decorate building place to form, the position that ought to establish according to concerned branch, means and time undertake piling up reaching clear carry. Forbidden from upstairs to the ground or the litter etc article that by rubbish path, sewer abandons to decorate a bedroom and arise because of adornment.
(2) jam because of decorate and causing the conduit of housing of photograph adjacent dweller, leakage water, power cut, article is destroyed etc, the client that should decorate by domestic bedroom adornment is in charge of repair and compensation; If belong to by the responsibility of client, search to be in charge of by client by client repair and compensation.

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