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" industry of countrywide interior decoration administers provisional regulation
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The first manages to strengthen interior decoration industry, normative trade act, defend a trade common interest, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, stimulative industry health develops, comply with country does [1992]31 date and country do hair [regulation of 1993]58 date file makes this provision.
The 2nd regulates the interior decoration activity that weighs originally, be those who point to pair of people activities is all shape dimensional rework is created again, it is an adornment that includes interior space and relevant environment the collect technology that form a complete set of design, construction, indoor things supplies, artistic, service and project serve the system at an organic whole project.
Of the people activity that fund place weighs before all shaping space, it is to point to all buildings such as boat of building, car, plane, shape the interior space of body.
Project of the 3rd interior decoration ought to achieve security, use, economy, create a beautiful, easy work environment and surroundings for the user hard.
This the 4th regulation applies to all construction units that undertake interior decoration activity, company of design, construction, individual operator and quality of interior decoration project and safety supervise unit of manage of unit, inspect.
Martial establishment reachs the interior decoration design of special project and construction, by the country concerned regulation is carried out.
The 5th China is light industrial the director branch that always can be industry of countrywide interior decoration.
The main responsibility of administration of trade of the 6th various interior decoration is:
(one) according to national industry policy, make and organize executive industry to develop program and technical economic policy, harmonious processing industry is major problem, direct industry health develops;
(2) examine and verify, make send interior decoration to design unit and certificate of grade of construction company aptitude and licence;
(3) the hair bag of project of supervisory management interior decoration, contract and invite public bidding, bid the job;
(4) qualification of major of personnel of design of constituent assess interior decoration, build system of the perfect mount guard that hold card;
(5) supervise jointly with concerned branch, check and accept, the executive situation that assesses quality of project of interior decoration design, construction, safe level and engineering budget, final accounting of revenue and expenditure, norm to take cost level;
(6) supervise jointly with concerned branch, examination, uphold order of interior decoration market;
(7) supervise, system of statistic of trade of executive interior decoration;
(8) to interior decoration company of design unit, construction undertakes promotive an activity;
(9) accept masses to be complained to interior decoration quality, coordinate the issue in treating interior decoration activity;
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