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EU to send wallpaper aspirations to the Chinese market brand strength and fig
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The occasion of National Day 2010, the EU sent a grand listed wallpaper, wallpaper market ushered in China's outstanding quality and strong brand professional atmosphere. EU to send business to do the whole kitchen cabinets from the start, creating the first brand of China's modern cabinet. Then gradually extended to the entire closet industry, the whole bathroom, kitchen appliances, decoration and other fields, the overall domestic market in China has created a miracle of another brand. This year in May, the EU began preparing to send platinum decorative wallpaper new environmental projects, research and development of a "green fashion, high-grade" as the theme of modern wallpaper products. July, the EU sent its wallpaper carry platinum, gold, titanium three series of 400 kinds of colors, 1,600 kinds of goods with the first appearance, "the first exhibition of building materials in Asia" - Twelfth "Guangzhou Fair" by the industry are highly recognized and praised, the show will be signed that day more than thirty dealers, retail outlets in 12 provinces throughout the country. EU to send to Europe to send the wallpaper industry in the Year of the Tiger added new wing, the brand strength of another market miracle.

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