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Cloth art exhibits wall paper of 2009 Beijing of the 7th international meeting -
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Cloth art exhibits 2009 Beijing wall paper meeting - exhibition of wall paper of international of the 7th Beijing, cloth art Exhibit meeting controller: Zhang Chun 13391511886 010-64630548 Exhibit meeting network address: Exhibit a house: Beijing · new China International exhibits a center (whole house is exhibited 6000 times) Extend meeting scope: 100 thousand square metre predicts an audience: 120, 000 people Time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7 The corresponding period is held Clean of sanitation of 2009 Beijing international provides course of study of door of the 16th China International and exhibition of building adornment hardware, building of the 16th whole nation decorates architectural pottery and kitchen establishment exhibition data industry orders goods can adornment of ground of the 10th China International and carpet exhibition eleventh sunshade of China International building and buildingSponsor an unit China International of association of adornment of building of China of stimulative commission of China International trade shows central group companySupport an unit Architecture of China of committee of technology of standardization of carpet of whole nation of head office of exits and entrance of building of China of association of standardization of project of China of academy of design of building of China of association of heat addition of town of China of academy of science of building of China of association of industry of forest products of China of head office of Chinese construction project is met traditional Chinese clothes assist hutch guards traditional Chinese clothes of association of structure of metal of building of project committee China assist information advisory committeeUndertake unit Beijing traditional Chinese clothes exhibits harbor of group north capital to show scale of Asia of limited company in of limited company of science and technology of exhibition of China harbor building the exclusive international wall paper with the biggest, highest class cloth art grand meeting! Postpone meeting introduction Annual ” of exhibition of wall paper of “ China International, cloth art establishs from 2003 up to now, secure every year hold in Chinese Beijing, all previous exhibit all can achieve complete success. Through the development that comes 6 years, successfully establish the professional wall paper of the first ” of its “ Asia, cloth art exhibits conference position. Previous term or session is exhibited meeting already in Feburary 2008 29—3 is in Beijing 3 days month center of exhibition of · China International and country of the 15th Beijing exhibit the meeting that build rich to fall satisfactorily next heavy curtain, come from ginseng of more than 300 of 20 many countries and area domestic and international manufacturer to exhibit. Gathered together among them Italy is exhibited do obeisance to mansion, soft like that Feng Chi of AS of wallpaper, Tepuli, Ou Ya, Germany, Gelaimei, Guangzhou, Wen Che this, astral century, Germany grand be able to bear or endure, Germany bright adorn, Japan 5, occasion is enthusiastic, clinch a deal the amount is large, the height that is exhibited business and colleague of wall paper industry by domestic and international ginseng takes seriously. By a definite date 4 days exhibit meeting, attracted many 30 thousand professional audience, its are abroad the audience makes an appointment with 4000. Exhibit an enterprise to make convenient and effective export trade platform for broad ginseng, offer good business chance, further help enterprise develops two markets of international, home. Exhibition of wall paper of international of the 7th Beijing, cloth art, will —3 will exhibit a center 7 days month to be held once more in Beijing · new China International on March 4, 2009, exhibit meeting dimensions to add to 20000 square metre, exhibit digit quantity to add reach 1000. Professional audience purchases an amount to amount to 50000 person-time, grand occasion but period, we expect in Beijing and you add achieves beautiful performance! And Beijing - center of exhibition of new China International is China top class specialization exhibit one of houses, hold the place with most good exhibition.
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