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Yan Wang Kang Jiaxiang wallpaper design should pay attention to R & D capabilit
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Home Network】 【found room: Hong HEAD Hello, Thank you again for accepting our interview SouFun. This time we talk about the wallpaper topic within the industry. Chinese wallpaper now, the market share of the market is relatively low, as far as I know the data may be less than 10%. In most of the 10% area or for tooling, in the civilian side, the penetration rate is not very high. What do you think the main reasons for this phenomenon? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: In fact, the Chinese wallpaper in the early, probably in the 80s when the penetration rate in the civilian area is very high. Later, a construction, environmental protection, as well as the useful life of the issue, resulting in wallpaper for some time in the doldrums, after years of promoting the industry, I think the wallpaper above, in the civilian market, especially the new home decoration with a relatively high proportion. I want to use is low, a considerable degree of brand recognition by the wallpaper is not high impact. If we get compared to wallpaper and paint, paint the area in which, more attention, or relatively high profile brand, is better than more than wallpaper. I believe that through the next two to three years of development, compared with a group of leading brand came out, I think more consumers are willing to adopt the wallpaper such products. 】 【Found room home network: You just mentioned the current market is not very perfect wallpaper, the consumer brand awareness for the wallpaper is not very high. Yan Wang wallpaper in strengthening brand awareness of consumers has done what work? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: I would like to wallpaper the entire company in which Yan Wang, our future direction is relatively clear. We will compare the brand against the tooling, a relatively brand for the civilian market, as well as for high-end designer brands, we will do significant distinction. Civilian market for this, there will be more complete store and then do after-sales service system, included in the product quality and environmental factors, price positioning interval, the transparency of these things, in such conditions, the promotion came out, if more brands within the industry toward such a direction to do so, I think the wallpaper is the leading brand in the market soon to appear. 】 【Found room home network: future orientation, then, how we plan? Is going low, mid and high end there is still focused on building high-end brand? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: Yan Wang Group is concerned for us, because we ourselves have our own production and development of its products. But also from a number of foreign agents are very good brand. So brand, its own domestic products, we hope that towards the high-end commercial market to go. We will design some consumers to accept the color, pattern design. For large chamber, for a small chamber, for the younger population, for the older population, housing, etc. for children's products are relatively clear. Comparison of high-end designers for this we will have a more independent brand, it will take some design styles, with some fashion sense, this will do to import products based on the market distinction. The market for tooling, we will for the five-star hotel, more of a large scale office buildings, office to push for the product, relatively high fire resistance, wear resistance is better, life is stronger. Home Network】 【found room: in the high-end market has no plans to develop their own products? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: To compare the high-end products, we can be subdivided into areas for designers, or a more high-end civilian areas. I have just said will be for our own domestic brand of high-end brand in this part of the design products, imported products as a supplement. Domestic products, for example, we will develop some more things with the traditional Chinese New Oriental things, or is more color for the Chinese market, Chinese market particularly suitable for small apartment house design. Therefore, the two markets, I think it is not in conflict, should be complementary. 】 【Found room home network: I have come across a lot of wallpaper before the consumers, they reflect the market price of the wallpaper is too opaque, for example, with a product that can reach some discount for each purchase, and the can play five tickets, there can play three, discount, that consumers face wallpaper not know how to choose the market, do you think the current pricing system in the end wallpaper what is? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: In fact, the market is more wallpaper chaos. Moreover, the bargaining space from the retailer is relatively large. If a wallpaper is the same, in a manner or B, even in the same building that the city buy the price drop may occur. I think this is the process of market maturity to go through the procedures. You just like to say that the examples I have also proved that the wallpaper industry is not yet complete and mature industry, which requires a process. In this development process, how consumers can protect themselves? I think the most important point is that more comparative, more to see. You can from inside the style you like, to see more clearly after the style that you like, want to know the material. You access the Internet or listen to more after designers and friends have their own opinions. Because I think the decoration is not a small investment, not to buy food, how many more to compare, and more to understand, it will choose to compare their own products, this is a process. Secondly, I think with the wallpaper industry, I think some companies have begun to pay attention to brand awareness of these words. Wait until a clearer direction of these brands came out, the price system, in the above services will be more standardized, came out of these standardized products for consumers, for dealers, suppliers for all products is relatively good. Home Network】 【found room: One of the reasons the current price is very transparent because the domestic market, lack of innovation wallpaper. For example, a lot of copying and imitation, how you look at the wallpaper industry's innovation capacity? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: China's many industries such problems actually exist, that counterfeit products or cottage lot. Building materials industry is no exception, whether in furniture or wallpaper, even fabric, soft furnishings products, also encountered a lot of the same problems. Yan Wang has been our company attaches great importance to the field in research and development design. Many designers will do with foreign direct cooperation, we will better design studio with foreign cooperation, to buy their latest designs and drawings each year, we are willing to invest a lot of money in information design and development of equipment or personnel above, we are willing to invest a lot of money and time in this area. Of course, we also do not wish to see or are unwilling to see the products we worked so hard to do it, others may take five days, ten days time to get this product out of mold development, exactly the same fake out. I think this is the most important thing is the company's own protection, we now compare the Joint industry leading companies, including Chinese wallpaper Association itself, mainly for the production of the counterfeit copy some of the legal protection of company actions, through our own reasonable arrangements for the entire market, I believe that this atmosphere will be better in the future. Home Network】 【found room: just mentioned some of the problems within the industry, before I also understand, that the wallpaper industry these problems, not just the product itself the problem, there are many such as personnel training, such as raw materials, such as Deng said that aspects of process equipment, how do you think these problems exist? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: growing industry are inevitable. Personnel training above the so-called because of relatively high growth industry in the process, is sure to encounter malignant poaching, or that many people inside the company, or the people within the industry to look again more profit is not opportunity or room for more development, it is inevitable question. Is not able in the short term oversupply situation, or put more and more people, and soon the situation of balance? In fact, I think this time is not too far away, in the foreseeable future, the field in the wallpaper will be some really great enterprise, to address these difficult issues to cope with these challenges can be long to develop. Home Network】 【found room: It is now November, and we understand that some other wallpaper companies may introduce some new products in the next year, do not know in this regard we welcome the wang What kind of plan it? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: next year we will set up one or two new brands, these new brands will have a clearer concept. The future of these brands on the market, we hope to store or even to join the model, in each city to find a good dealer, good cooperation with our franchisees. In the next year in March, April or so, that is, the beginning of each year, we expect also to launch a new about more than a thousand models, the action in the next term is relatively large movements. We also hope that some plan by early next year, the entire Yan Wang of the company's brand more clearly, but also to a higher level. Home Network】 【found room: It is at the high end it? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: in fact have, and whether in the end, the field of high-end or designer piece. Because wallpaper is now used mainly in the field of two: the first a high-end or in the more traditional areas, the use of a high proportion of wallpaper. Then some of the more high-end tooling usage is also high. But it is undeniable that real estate is growing fine decoration, refined decoration real estate may not be used for things that most high-end stuff, not ordinary things, in the end of the home improvement market, this market is very optimistic about our area. Also more and more younger people are now using more and more opportunities for wallpaper. Therefore, we will design some more suitable for some products used in younger, relatively simple in the graphical planning above, a little brighter in color the wallpaper to use for the younger lot. 】 【Found room home network: You mentioned that consumers may have been from the younger to the more upscale area, I also understand now the wallpaper store, the price of wallpaper may be from tens of dollars, to several thousand dollars are Yes, I want to know is that cheap is cheap wallpaper in the end where you where you are? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: inside a shop in the same product from a roll of tens of dollars, and even a few dollars to a thousand a square a square has. Good or bad you think it will be several places where the main gaps? I would like nothing more than the first one is the material, the second is the production of local, imported or domestically produced. The third is the pattern, color and design whether you like it. From the above aspects to evaluate it, I'm not recommend consumers to use a square block or even hundreds of thousands of pieces of the product. In fact, we return to the original wallpaper of the feature, which is decorated family home in decorative premise, you will take into account its life time is not long enough, and its function is not able to meet the environmental requirements of individuals. In fact, the development of wallpaper in a long time abroad, from abroad, now the sense of wallpaper also has developed nearly 170 years. In 170 years time, most countries wallpaper sales market price range is relatively small, there is a relatively high-end wallpaper, there are some additional special process, and even the manual handling of the wallpaper, there are some general civilian products, its price range Unlike the Chinese can reach more than 100 times, it may be only 10 times the gap. Therefore, there are some things that are too high, too special things, I think that is the mentality of a little show off their wealth. I think it is fitting to return to itself, you use the product is to make you feel at home become more beautiful, more comfortable, do not worry about the environmental protection, is also in use do not worry, this is the most important. I suggested to the general consumer is that if you have never used wallpaper products, then set the interval may be a square block is the 50-200 range, not to exceed this range. If you can find a less than 50 square feet of product, you can also feel very satisfied. Only you know if you like this product, 50 a square product in the market or with a lot of I think, but you do not like it. Home Network】 【found room: just past September and October is the traditional nine of them gold silver sales season ten, the performance here did not know how well Wang Xin it? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: We in the production and importation was doing very well. 9,10 month as orders almost always in arrears to a very long time, our dealers, including foreign customers demand of us that we delivery the sooner the better is hope, hope that we can deliver a day earlier, overall performance is good. I think that the September, October or even later, the Chinese market or the renovation or the building materials market will be the impact of the real estate market, which is absolutely not avoid. After all, the state's policy is to real estate transactions or prices can be relatively stable, even down some. So, for us, we feel that this is good. Because the building materials industry in the long run, I think the heat will not be suitable for each industry, not suitable bubble, it should be a solid growth phase. 】 【Found room home network: You just mentioned the real estate regulation. I would like to ask in such a large environment, how to combine their own consumption to practice their own internal strength characteristics of it? 【Kang Jiaxiang】: I think this development environment, consumers get a price, will become increasingly tend to rationalize the so-called rationalization is getting lower and lower. In this environment, I think we should go to play to their strengths, and then solve their own problems. For example, to Yan Wang, we will attach great importance to the design and development capabilities. Therefore, we should put more thought is spent on the consumer in the end to what kind of products. Because the people involved in the past few relatively poor product designed for consumers, picks opinions on these things can only pick, it is easy to pick on your product. Future practitioners in this industry more, consumers can pick the products in your lower chance of change, how can you allow more consumers to accept your product, that only improve your design and for the market and consumers sensitivity. Therefore, to do some market research to know more about what consumers now like to know more about trends in foreign markets. The second block, the company should improve its own internal strength, how to produce more in line with national standards, more in line with world standards of products, good quality, good environmental factors and environmental standards. The third block, I think that brand building is to be placed on top. Inside the chaotic environment in the past, many consumers are not concerned about whether there is a good brand of wallpaper, just want to get satisfied with the product, relatively inexpensive products. However, the future of all things good brand represents security and stability there. So, I think the good branding out of the company is very important.
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